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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Civil Atomic Technology For Pakistan Is Under Consideration --- US Ambassador

US amabassador to Pakistan Richard Olson said giving civil atomic techology to Pakistan is under consideration on high level. About dialogue with Taliban he said the end of war activities with Taliban will be through talks. In an interview Olson said Pakistan is effectively safeguarding its atomic weapons. He said the USA appreciated Pakistan's role in Afghan peace process. The decision of dialogue with Taliban will be Pakistan's own. It is recalled that USA had flately refused to give civil atomic technology to Pakistan while it gave to India seven years ago. USA had signed an agreement about civil atomic technology with India in 2006. But now Olson hinted towards giving the same to Pakistan But! a great But, being the most selfish state America's no step or decision is with out its own benefits. Then why suddenly it turned so kind toward Pakistan to give atomic technology.? THIS IS THE REWARD OF DRONE ATTACKS AND THE PRICE OF THOSE MARTYRED IN THE ATTACKS. Pakistan will make empty strong conmemnation and continue to pass resolutions in the cabinet meetings, in the parliament and USA will continue drone attacks. As it did and attacked twice in a day on North Waziristan agency, yesterday. Is this deal bad? The current government has sold the blood of martyres, the innocent women and children.

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