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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Real Story Of Malala Behind The Curtains----2?

When the correspodent of the newspaper Dawn asked the officer Mr X of the agency what proofs he had about the "joint drama" staged by American and Pakistani agencies. The officer took out a document as a proof and said this is proof that was decoded by Quantum Physics Tweetern. The document carried the screen shots of tweets on Twitter between "Dub Fish" and "Uncle Gul". Officer said that 'Dub Fish' was actually the operator of CIA in Qatar while 'Uncle Gul' was his Pakistani counterpart. Here are the conversation between the two on Twitter provided by theofficer Mr X to Dawn reporters. *--@ Dub Fish- Uncle Khan , how is life? *--@ Gul- nice friend *--@ Du Fish-- Is there any possibility of yours to come to Qatar? *--@ Gul-- very soon, let me get free of my "O level" exams, I got tired of these. *--@ Fish-- Yes it is Officer told when Tsonami Mami came to know what conversation was going on between the two she also jumped into their dialogue. *--@ Tsonami_ Mami-- Agents! I know what you people do. Anti Islam , Anti-Pakistan mean fellows *--@ Uncle Gul-- Friend who are you and why are you getting us bored? *--@ Tsonami_Mami-- Keep quite! lier liberal fashist agents! Imran Khan is the best. You mean fellows, do rigging with one billion fake fashist votes. Anti islam, anti-Pakistan, Insha Allah! New Pakistan! Change. Officer told he got the services of code breaker of World War II and famous Pakistani linguistic expert Mustansar Hussain Tarrar for decoding these suspicious tweets. Then he came to know that CIA was planning to stage drama of attack on Malala. Officer handed over a draft of a book in which Sonami Mami gave proofs collected from Mr X, Dr Imtiaz Ali and Mustansar Hussain Tarrar. The title of the book will be," A fake liberal and a fake attack hrough fake liberal". Following is the gist of claims given in the book:- *-- First October 1997- Malalay took birth in Budapast in her Hugarian parents and her name is Jean. *-- October 04, 2002:- Her parents were recruited in CIA wher they were undergone short training as preacher of Christianity and were taught hypnotism and Karate. *-- October 07, 2003:- Malala's parents came to Pakistan as workers of NGO and left for Swat. They contacted a low ranking worker of ISI and converted his whole family as Christians and handed over Malala to them. They named the little girl as Malala, who was christian whole heartedly. (Continued)

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