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Saturday, October 12, 2013

News And Views--- Satureday, Oct 12,2013

*-- Secretary defence has been served with contempt of court notice for not holding cantonement elections. He has been summoned on October 25. Federal and provicial governments have made fun of apex court-- Chief Justice. *-- NEPRA has againd issued a notice of increasing electricity charges to Rs. 3.67 pe unit. PML(N) government did not give any relief to masses but made their lives miserable in all repects. Every item taking from vegetables, fruits to flour, transport and all necessary items of daily use and consumption have been increases manifold in prices. While, rulers themselves are spending billion of rupees on president PM houses, unfruitful foreign tours. Therfore, PML government is losing popularity and the graph of PTI is rising. PPP and PTI have announced to take to roads against the increase in elcctricity tarrifs. Nearly 0.7 million electricity consumers will be affected due to increase. *-- Millllions of Muslims will leave for Mina tomorrow to peform Manase e Haj ( Haj essentials). On nineth Dil haj will stay at Araafat. *-- Five rferences have been opened against Zardari. These include SGS, ARY Gold, Ursus tractors, polo ground, assets, Ko techna references. *-- Application for including the name of Parvez Musharraf on ECL list has been rejected. Musharraf has been exempted from attending court due to security reasons. *-- Malala could not get Nobel prize. This has been given to 'OPCW" an organization active against chemical weapons. Malala met with the USA president Obama. *-- We are satified about the talks with Taliban. It is hoped that positive results of the talks will come out. --- Parvez Rasheed. On otherside Taliban have warned that if dialigue are failed open war will be started against government. *-- Indian army chief's allegations are baseless and will hurt regional peace. Pak army is showing patience. Indian army should stop violating the ceasefire agreement on LoC--- Pak Army Chief. *-- CNG station throughout the country will remained open thru eid holidays. *-- Arab League is actively working on ceasefire during Eid in Syria. *-- I will raise the matter of drone attack with American authorities. Please be within your limits Mr Jalil Abbas, You can not even dare to talk to an ordinary American officer about this high-profile matter. This has already been decxided on high level. Drone attacks will never be stopped, Dialogue with taliban will never give positive results as they have the first condition of stoppage of drone attacks. While the priority of Obama is to continue drone attacks. When any Pakistani talks to an American official the same day two or three drone attacks are carried out. *-- Huge Cyclone Falon, ' half the size of India' is heading toward India. Eastern coastal areas are in greater risks. Storm has wind blowing at speed of 215 kilometer per hour. Orissa and Uttar Pardesh will face the storm this evening. Emegency has been imposed in the areas. *-- Seven Pakistani films will be released on the eve of Eidul azha. These include two urdu, one Punjabi and four Pushto films. *-- Actor Gowinda has released second music album " Teray Nainan". *-- The last trailer of Hollywood's science fiction film "Ander's Game" has been released.

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