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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Treatment Of Fatal Diseases With Honey Bee Stings

A large nubmer of patients are visiting Acupuncture clinics in China for treatment of their diseases with stings of honey bees. The doctors of the clinics claim that the fatal diseases can be treated with this metod. At present 27,000 patients are passing through this troublesome method of treatment with the hope to get recoverted from uncurable diseases. While scientifically this methos has no use except recovering allergic affects. However, Acupuncture methos of treatment is quite popular in whole world including China. A doctor of Acupunture clinic located in Suberban Beijing, Wang Manglin says that in this methos we hold honey bee from head and keep it on the fixed part of the patient and press the head of bee till sting appears. He said they import these special type of honey bees from Italy. He said after entering the sting in the body of the patientd the honey bee dies. Wang claimed that he tested this method of treatment on various patients including those of cancer and he added that they found the results always positive.

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