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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Secret Codes Of Target Killers Have Been Decoded

Karachi police has searched the secret codes of target killers, that they use for killing their target and knowing his daily routine. The hit list of important targets is exchanged through emails. according to sources the arrested accused disclosed that code "Buy The File" is used for the instructions of killing. The cose for for the instructions of knowing about the daily routine of the target is " Book The Plot". After completing the task the secret code " Road Has Been Constructed" is used. The secret message for the transport of arms is " Book The Marriage Hall". The messsages and codes are exchangd through emails and reading the emails the ID is closed. Rangers are in favor of blocking of Viber, Whatapp and other media tools used for target killing. It is corect that target killers use the latest technology to cary out their tasks. The DG Ranger Maj Gen Rizwan wants to get these tools blocked for at least three months. He hopes it will help a lot to minimize the number of crimes in Karachi.

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