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Monday, October 7, 2013

We Will Never Hold Talks Under Pakistan Constitution-- Spokeperson TTP

In an video interview from an unknown place in Waziristan the top spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid of defunct TTP said they want dialogue but not under the Pakistan's constitution as it is the agenda of secular nations. Government is not serious for talks. It will have to initiate ceasefire first. Spokesperson added Pakistani government is helpless, that is indicated by the violations of Pakistani borders by the USA forces and drone attack killing hundreds of innocent Muslims. Talks with such helpless rulers are difficult and not easy. Referring to attacks on civilians, the spokesperson said that TTP was an international organization defending Muslims. He said they did not attack civilians but third power on the directions of non-muslims is martyring innocent people to defame Taliban. Talking about differences between the various factions of Taliban, he said all the groups were united under the leadership of our Amir Hakeem Ullah Mahsood and are ready to face any challenge. He said they never thought of attacking atomic installations as he said their targets were different. Regarding Malala Yousufzai, Shahidullah said Malala was not attacked due to preaching for girls education or going to school but was attacked due to anti-Islam activities like writing diary with the fake name of Gul Makai. She did not show any courage. Media and secular system did not memorize the students of Jamia Hafsa but they were using Malala. If got chance they will again target her. Demanding the opening of Taliban office by Imran Khan, Shahidullah said, Imran Khan is the part of secular system and we are the rebellions against this system. If he was sincere in talks then he must come out of this secular system. He said some people were trying in the back ground for the last nine years to hold talks and they respect them. But, for dailogue he said their condition must be accepted. Our demands on the top of the list include stoppage of drone attacks and release of all the Taliban prisoners. They were not afraid of any threats and all the Taliban groups were stronger compared to before. Spokesperson said Nawaz Sharif is not serious in talks because some times he said Taliban should throw arms and sometimes say they must accept Pakistan's constitution. We say to Nawaz Sharif please do not befool the nation. He said military was controlling Mohmand, Bajuar, Kurram, Swat and Waziristan agencies. But they should not underestimate us, all the decision in these areas will be according to Sharia very soon. Talking about Afghan and foreign Taliban, he said Pakistani as well Afghan Taliban were working under te same ideology. He said Taliban will implement Sharia system in the country very soon. Taliban were spreading throughout Pakistan and coming out of tribal areas. He said they will make Islamabad a real "Islamabad" where all the decisions will be made according to Islamic Sharia.

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