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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ballot Papers Of NA 256 Having Unidentifiable Fingerprints Will Be Sent To France For Verification

NADRA and Election commission will send unidentifiable samples of fingerprints of ballot papers regarding NA 256 to France lab for verification, it is nothing but wasting national money and to hide their inelgibility to control the riggings in election process. They are making several lame excuses of non availability of magnetic ink in NA 256 and NA 258. But whose mistake was this. Why they did not tell this before. Now they have given a ready made excuse to Parvez Rasheed who is presenting it before the media. However, Imran Khan has been crying from the very day one that rigging has been done in several constituencies but election commission did not admit it. Now their negligence has come out and they are sending samples of fingerprints to France, till then the people will forget this issue due to some new one because we are self suffiecient in crisies and issues. Now te whole of the election process has becomer doubtful. Why we the Pakistani are making ourselves a laughable "thing" TO the world in each sphere of life. This is only due to CORRUPTION AND CORRUPTION.

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