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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Professor Traped Young Girls In His Sex Web Using Skype

A university professor of Sri Lankan origion, living and working in Sweden has been arrested by Sri Lankan CID, for taking nude pictures of female students and young women. According to a report in the Lanka mirror, the accused used skype to befriend the women and then convinced them to send him nude pictures. The suspect then blackmailed the women if they did not meet his demands, which, according to the police qouted in the report were to work in the pornographic videos. He is also saccused of sexually abusing women. The man is married and has two children. When visiting Sri Lanka, the accused stayed in luxury hotels, where he met the girls he befriended. The accused has been arrested by the Cyber Unit of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Sri Lanka. The CID arrested him following a detailed investigation conducted using advanced methods. The CID first arrested his driver.

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