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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nawaz Sharif Returned To Pakistan With "Do More" Dictation

It was known to every Pakistani and rather internationally that Nawaz Sharif could never convince Obama on Pakistan's and other several issues and problems including drone attacks, civil nuclear technology, violations by Indian forces on the Line of Control, terrorism and bomb blasts carried out in Baluchistan by India and Afghanistan together, firing across the Durand line from Afghanistanand release of Aafia siddiqi. Obama flately refused to stop drone strikes in Waziristan, as this strategy, planning and targets have been already fixed by the governments of Pakistan and the USA and every civil government ( I would not say democratic one) follows the agreement regarding drone attacks whethet it be of Zardari or that of Sharif's. Omama said the USA does not agree to everything with Pakistan. The Pakistani prime minister who can not talk to USA president without written notes by PRO's and bundles of papers in hand (like a primary school student repeats his crammed lesson before teacher), was not expected to get any thing beneficial for the nation from Obama. With the result of PM's visit Dr Aafia will never come out of jail but Dr Shakil Afridi will be released soon. The visit of Nawaz Sharif is totally loss to the country what to speak of bringing a little benefit to the country. Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan with the new dication from the USA to ban Jamaat ud Dawa and to take action against and arrest Hafiz Saeed (India is happy with the orders of Obama to Nawaz Sharif)), with new terms and conditions of loans from IMF and World Bank to terminate subsidies on electricity and to increase prices of electricty and other essential food items. Zardari was right to say, " Democracy Is The Best Revenge" against masses, the poor people of Pakistan. "Hurray the Democracy is revenging the Pakistanis". But what for?

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