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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jang-GEO Group Reponded To The Mubashir Luqman's Allegations

Afterall Jang-GEO group came up to respond to the allegations of ARY Anchorperson Mubashir. The host of ARY show had alleged the GOE TV for having links to Indian intelligence agency RAW. In a nine-page response written in Urdu, Jang-GEO group has termed the allegations baseless. The spokeperson of the group said they love their country (Pakistan) and want solutions to all major issues including those of Kashmir, Water and Siachin through dialogue with India. Talking about the internal inquiry report showed by Mubashir in ARY show, the spokeperson og GEO said they had contacted Editor in chief Sanjay Narain of Hisndustan Times over the allegations and inquiry report through email and telephone, "Sanjay told they did not conduct any inquiry mentioned by the anchor person ARY. The group in its counter-allegations statement said that the Geo and Jang group have been alleged in the past and blames from taxi evading to bank defaulters, stealing of printing papers, and saying pro-India and pro-America but no blame could be proved yet in the courts. They said that this time private media channels are being used for the allegations on Jang-GEO group. They said that among the accusers include, Aqeel Kareem Dhadhee of Karachi Stock Exchange, former chairman of Security Exchange commission, Muhammad Ali, an anchor of a private channel called 'Jahaz Wala'( of the plane), who has a precious car and his own plane, and a former jounalist of Jang group. They added that a self-posed spokeperson of secret agencies known as 'lal topi wala' (of red cap) is also among those who alleged the group. The Jang group said that Jang group gives special focus to investigative reporting and unveiled the financial irregularities and corruption scandals. They said our several news are telecast and printed against INdia and America, but they are authentic and with proofs.

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