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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Real Story Of Malala Behind The Curtains---3 ?

*-- October 30, 2007:- Malala started writing a blog in which she had been urging militants to throw weapons and pick 'bible'. *-- October 30, 2011:- Militants requested Malala to stop writing her preaching blog and do her school home work. *-- October 01, 2012:- CIA recruited a Pushto speaking Italian-American ( Robert), residing in New York and trained him as a shooter and as an actor. *-- October 07, 2012:- CIA informed ISI about fake attack on Malala and ISI agreed to it. *-- October 11, 2012:- Italian-American Robert reached Swat disguised as an Uzbek Homeo Pathic doctor. *-- October 12, 2012:- Robert was given a gun that had empty bullets. He stopped Malala's school van and fired on her. She acted to be injured and rubbed Michell's Ketchup on her face from the packet hidden in her hand. A fake ambulance suddenly reached to the spot and picked Malala and world was told that she was shot by Uzbek Taliban. The story told by media was that Malala friends in the van informed that the gunner first asked about Malala and then shot her. But the officer Mr X told the Dawn correspondent that in their own interest media presented an evidence of Malala's friend. According to this evidence a man get the van stopped and cried lodly in Pushto, Who is Jean? I mean Janet, No Alberta Joan Lokson. On this girls saw each othe astonishingly, the driver was to start van again that the man took out gun and started shooting and cried Aalo Mallalo Aola Manto. Then the man asked a girl you are looking at me? On this Malala trew her bag on ground and cried Italian man! No fool I am looking at you. Malaley1 Malaley Did you recall Foolish. The man said oh1 and shot. The girl shown in hospital by media was not Malaley. The officer showed us more pictures to proove it. He showed us a video on his iPhone, the Dawn reporter said, the was shot after few hours of attack on malala and in video Malala was enjoying jumping on a hill near Sawt. All this story whether is fake or correct suggests that there is something wrong at the bottom. The real story is not that has been highlighted on the media and only Malala is the center of every international news on international media and national media only picks those stories and prints and telecasts with out analylizing it.

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