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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Camera Catches Image Of 'Jinn' (Ghost) In Makkah ahead Of Hajj

Security cameras planted in Makkah, the holiest place on earth for Muslims, appear to have caught what could be a 'Jinn' (Ghost) clad in white but without face. A Saudi newspaper said creature was filmed by all security cameras planted inside the secretriate building in Islam's holiest Great Mosque. " The person was totally clad in white and was standing near one of the building's doors but his face did not appear- it was round 3 am". Almadina Arabic language daily said, quoting sources of Makkah secretriate. The paper, which published the picture, said the creature could be a jinn, but did not clear what he was doing in that place. In quran Allah Taa'laa said " Ma Khalaq ul Jinna wal Insa Illa La yabudoon" He Created Human beings and Jinns for His (Ibadat) Worship. So among Jinns there are Muslims too and they also perform Hajj. They are invisible to human eyes but astonishingly how it was captured by cameras, Jinns do not trouble other human beings but it would be by the Order of Almighty to show the world how Jinns also Peform Hajj. ( Courtesy Almadina)

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