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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daughter Of Angolan President Is Among The 55 Billionaires Of Africa

A business Journal 'Ventures' published from Nigeria revealed that there are 55 persons in Continent Africa, who have their assetts in billions. Three women are also included among them, one is the mother of Kenyan president, daughter of Angolan president and third is a woman in Nigeria linked to oil industry and the fasion world. According to the journal the richest person of Africa is Aleeko Dangonay from Nigeria who has assetts worth $20 billion and 200 million. According to media he new list list may initiate a new discussion about non-equality between rich and the poors. While World Bank had indicated during the current year that the number of extremely poor people in Africa have reached to 410.1 million from 200 million during the last three decades. BBC correspondent from Lagos said thast this is first time that such a list of African richest people has been published by Venture. The American Financial journal Forbes publishes the list of the richest people of the world and it included 16 billlionaires from Africa last year. While, the Venture gave far more names of billionaiares from Africa. Acording to Venturs the total assettes of these 55 African billionaiares id $143.8 billion. Venture says that out of these 55 billionaires, 20 are from Nigeria, nine belong to South Africa while eight are from Egypt. According to the list the richest woman of Nigeria is Florensho Alakeja who esrned $ 7.20 from oil industry. The journal declared Allen Grey from South Africa the richest peson with the assttes of $ 8.5 billion. Nathan Cursh from Swazea Land is also on the list with $ 3.6 billion. He deals in property and construction business. The journal also said that African rich people do not show their wealth, otherwise they had to bear the burdens of poors.

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