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Monday, October 14, 2013

In The Map Prepared By World Bank, Occupied Kashmir Is A Part Of Pakistan

World Bank has included occupied Kashmir as the part of Pakistan i its map, on which BJP gets angry. BJP has said that the issue will be raised in the parliament. It said that foreign ministry should raise this issue with the world bank and the map must be corrected as soon as possible. According to media reports a meeting of the members parliament and experts from 100 countries was held to inform the parlisamentarians and economists about the performance of world bank. The meeting was disturbed at the time when Kalapna Kocher of India appointed in world bank pointed out to the map in which Jammu and Kashmir state was shown as a part of Pakistan on which Indian parliament Taran Vijey criticised and said the map should be corrected. It is right that truth is bitter and India can not face the truth. occupied Kashmir is the part of Kashmir and Kashmir is the part of Pakistan.

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