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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dutch National TV Has Included Veena Malik Among The Six Influential Muslim Women

Western press is highlighting Veena Malik as its puppet and Dutch National TV has included Veena Malik among the six Influential Muslim Women of the world. Dutch TV has also announced to make a documentary about different aspects of life of Veena. Veena is well known for her obscene shoots and bold performance in Indian films. According to the reports of Indian newspaper 'Times of India' and magazine 'India Today' the third episode of the documentary film will consists of Veena Malik highlighting such aspects of her life that sare not known yet to the world. Veena Malik has confirmed the news and said that she was contacted by the team of Dutch National TV and informed that they were shooting a documentary on the lives of such six Influential Muslim Women of the World who are living their lives independently and according their own will and wishes. The team head informed her that she was selcted for the documentary. Dutch TV also shot during the curent month the daily routine activities of Veena Malik in Bombai. Veena has termed this experience a precious one of her life.

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