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Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Girl Who Never Grew Up

A 20-year-old -American woman looked no older than 5-year. The woman named Brooke Greenberg who passed away recently was born prematrely. Although a woman of twenty, Greenberg suffered a rare medical syndrom. which made her look no more than 5-year-old, Daily News reported. Fascinated by hr rare medical condition, doctors reffred her to Brooke's affliction as syndrome X. Brooke's condition came to light when her younger sister grew past her. After consulting doctors, they were informed that Brooke had vey faint chance of survival. However, they were shocked to see her make it to 20-years of age. At no point of time in life did she feel neglected as her parents, sisters and extended fasmily showerd her with love and respected her dignity. Brooke was little on the small side, but nothing abnormal, Brooke's father told. Scientists studied Brooke's DNA in a bid to learn about ageing.

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