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Monday, October 14, 2013

Sale Of Products Made From Human Skin Revealed

Sale of products like shoes and others made from human skin have been revealed. According to information provided on a website a company named Human Leather is selling products made from human skin. A pair of shoes made from human skin is sold at $ 27,000, belt $15,750 and vallet ia sold at a price of $14,000. Human Leather company claims that it is the only company in the world that manufactures shoes and other products from the back and belly skins of humans. According to website some people sell their skins during their lives to the company and company gets the skin from their heirs after the death of the person paying heavy costs and company makes "best and high quality" products from human skins and sells them at heavy price throughout the world. This business is not legal in any country of the world, so, website neither gave the address of the company nor of any person. Neither the website explains the means/source that how does it get the human skins. According to website the costumer contacts the company through email and pays the price of the products in advance. After that company dispatches him the booked hand-made product of human skin within six months. A businessman of of the leather company said that it was a fact that the human skin is the best leather in the world due to its grin and finish which can be sold at a very high price but the imigination of using human skin is itself a hair-raising act. He said this business is no where legally allowed. It is said that human skin has been used in the ancient times to bound the anatomy books. (Courtsy NewsTribe)

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