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Monday, October 7, 2013

Punjab Government Is To Provide Scooties To Female Students---Education Minister

Though both the federal government as well federal government though could not control price hike, street crimes and failed in solving the serious problems of masses, but Shahbaz Sharif is at least doing measures for the welfare of the students and completing other welfare projects for the ease of the people, e.g. roads, flyovers and over head bridges. That is why he got success in the elections and is again the chief minister of Punjab. It is rightly a good news for the female students of punjab that they will get rid of waiting for the omni buses and wagons for hours in cold and hot weathers for going to schools and colleges. These scooties will run with batteries and will be cheaper and easy in driving. Shahbaz Sharif has already provided laptops and solar lamps to the students in Punjab. These measures will make him more popular in the province. Though politically PML(N) is being defeated in by-elections even in Punjab. Today Khurram defeated PML candidate in Faisalabad constituency. PML is losing its popularity that it gained in general election.

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