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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Former Interior Minister Rahman Malik Had The Powers To Issue Visas To Americans

The Ministry of foreign affairs has made a sensational revelation that in 2010, former interior minister had snatched all the powers from them and kept with him to issue Pakistani visas to Americans. Therefore, they did not know how many Americans were issued visas during the last five years. Sources say that the Pakistani foreign office might the the only one in the world that did not know many Americans got visas during the last five years. When the issue of Ramond Daviscame to light at the time it was disclosed that Rahman Malik and Hussain Haqqani issued diplomatic visas to numerous American civilians who were not related to American foreign ministry. Ramond Davis was one of them. Foreign office has disclosed that Rahman Malik had got approval in the meeting of intra-ministry committee to issue visas to Americans by interior ministry and foreign ministry would have no concern about it. Some official documents disclose tat foreign office is totally in darkness that how many Americans got civilian visas and how many diplomatic. Therefore, they should not be asked in this regard. However, they said they can try to contact Pakistani Embassy in Washington they might have some record about the matter. Foreign office revealed that at present 366 Americans working in Pakistan have diplomatic while 122 have non-diplomatic visas. Sources say that foreign office was stopped to issue visas to Americans because The USA did not want that Pakistani agencies may know through foreign office how many Americans and to whom this type visas were issued. The USa wanted to issue diplomatic visas to those persons who were not diplomates so that if they were traced it would be easy to take them out of Pakistan under the cover of diplomatic visas as was done in case of Remond Davis. Sources say that foreign office hesitated to issue diplomatic visas to non diplomatic staff, therefore this job was assigned to interior ministry by "USA". However, no wjhere it is mentioned inthe record of interior ministry that what was the response of foreign office when their powers were being satched and did not they protest and why did they signed closed eyes on the controvertial issue. Every thing in my beloved Pakistan is unque from the other world. There once used to be a comedy show in Hindku language telecast from PTV Peshawar "Daekhta Jaa Sharmanda Jaa" ( See and be Ashamed), if one has a bit of shame, if not then He Will Be Pakistani official, Pakistani leader, politician, beaurucrate, industrialist and landlord. At least not a poor Pakistani.

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