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Monday, October 14, 2013

Deepika Padukone's Real-Life Act As Super Woman

deepika Padukone is beauty, brains and courage too! Recently Deepika attended a garba event in Ahmadabad for the promotion of her upcoming film "Ram Leela". Eye wittness say the crowd went completely berserk and out of control to catch the glimpse of the actress. While Deepika was struggling to pierce through the crowd, the actress notices a small child who was separeated from the parents and was crying for help. Deepika fotgot about her starry status and promotion plan for that time and stepped in and rescued the child from noisy crowd. Deepika took the child to a safe place and calmed him down. The actress also ordered her team to look for his parents. She was with the kid until his parents showd up. In fact, the event was memorable for another reason too. Apparently, some people who wer oppose to the film showed up and were in a mood to create trouble. But the actress was not at all frustrated and continued her promotional duties.

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