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Monday, October 14, 2013

Afghan Intelligence Agency Is Involved In Terrorists Activities In Baluchistan

This is what the common man even knew that Afghanistan and India both are involved in terrorism in Balochistan rather throughout Pakistan. It is not understood why government of Pakistan turned duff ear to all these and did not raise the issue with UN or The USA as Manmohan Sign has been doing and clearly blaiming Pakistan for supporting terrorists for attacking Indian forces in Kashmir. Now it has been disclosed that Afghan intelligence is involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan. And Afghan Agency National Defence Security is training and sponsoring terrorists. According to Pakistani secret agencies the confirmed proofs of involvement of Afghan agencies in Balochistan have been collected and some important members of terrorist groups have been arrested. During investigation thses arrested terrorists have confessed several terrorists activities during the current year in Chamman. These activities include blast in Chamman on January 24, attack on security forces on March 3, bomb blast on Chamman police station by remote control and Babe Chamman blast on March 9, and blast on Chaman levies line on March 18. The network of terrorists had been supported by IG Afghan Police Abdur Razzaq. The arrested people include Abdullah of Afghan area Spin Boldak and his Pakistani counterpart Garan, from Chamman. These terrorists were trained in Afghanistan. They met IG Afghan Border Police in January in Qandhar and Sharjan Bugti of BLA was also included in this meeting. These people are also involved in smuggling in addition to terrorism in Pakistan. After the arrest of Latif Ullah Mahsood in Afghanistan the terorists group has come to light and it has been proved that Afghan Inteligence National Defence Security is involved in all the nefarious activities in Balochistan. The isssue must be raised on international level, if Pakistani government has the courage to do so.

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