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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Malala's Real Story Behind The Curtains?

The first thing the Blogger must tell to its readrs, though I do not agree hundered percent with the story because there are many flaws but it is given for the interest of the readers in Pakistan and in other countries. In September 2012, a news was telecast on the national and international media as breaking news about a teenager girl belong to Swat Valley, in Pakistan that she was shot in head by Taliban activist. The anger wave and news spread all over the world and news was given vast coverage by local and international merdia. According to reports Malala ws undergone several surgical operation within Pakistan and in Britain and her life was saved. To day Malala is living in Britain and is determined for the education of girls in areas specially detroyed by militants. But it is the one version of the story. It is an atinoshing story which has been woven by western media. This year dawn.con sent a group of its its most experienced orrespondents to Swat for five months. Their reserch and investigations revealed a series of ming-boggling and hair-raising of the events that picks the curtain from western fiction and brings real facts along with proofs. The important points of the serch are:- 1. *-- Malala did not take birth in Swat and she is not Pushtoon even:- A famous medical doctor Imtiaz Ali Khanzai, who has a private hospital and clinic told Dawn's correspondents that he had a DNA reprt that indicates that Malala is not Pushtoon ( Pushto speaking by birth). Showing the report Doctor told that he got Malala's DNA sample at the time when she was a child and came to his clinic for complaint of ear pain. Doctor added that after the attack on Malala he recalled that he had er cell of her, he explained saying that collecting ear cells is his hobby. Imtiaz Ali claimed that according to DNA Malala was from white generation and she may possibilly belong to Poland. After this revelation doctor told, he called Malala's father and asked him to tell who actua;;y Malala was. Imtiaz Ali said said her father became nervous and requested doctor not to disclose the facts. Doctor promised on the condition of telling the truth. Then the father of Malala told that the real name of Malala was "Jean" and she took birth in Hungry, in 1997. Her real parents were chritian missionaries who came to Sawt during 2002 and on return handed over Malala to her so=called parents as gift, who had converted to Christainity, secretely. Imtiaz Ali furher added that he can proove the shooter of Malala was not a Pushtoon too. He said he had cell of his ear as well. Doctor said he discovered that the shooter probably belonged to Italy. He also invited the reporters to see the cell under microscope. Imtiaz Ali told that he emailed his results in January 2012 to some senior officers od secret agency. Afte a few days police raided his clinic when he was in Saudi Arabia collecting the ear cells of some of members of royal family. Police harrased his clinic staff and wanted to know where were the samples of ear cells. Same year in June a uoung man came to doctor's clinic and apoligized on raiding his clinic and said ISI was in the know of real identity of Malala. The Dawn reporter said that on their consistent requests doctor provided the cell no of ISI officer. Reporter say that they called the officer who denied every gthing but at last he agrred on the condition that they will refere him as "Mr X". Mr x met with the one of the Dawn's reporters in lower Sawt in an avbondened school, he had hidden his face with spider man's mask. Mr x told our reporr that he knew this day will have to come and he could not hide this dangerous secret further, becas he said he was a real patriotic. 2. *-- Attack on Malala was a Drama of Secret Agencies:- The officer told the correspondent of Dawn that the full event of attack on Malala was planned jointly by Pakistani and American secret agencies, so that to get the excuse for attack on North Waziristan. When the officer was asked why did he use the word attack on North Waziristan while it was a part of it. He replied that North Waziristan was an independentb Islamic State since centuries and the facts wre deformed in history books. This part has huge reserves of oil, copper, silver, gold, coal, diamonds, natural gas, and remains of dinausars. Americans want to occupy all these. Officer also showed them some pictures of bones of Dinosaurs as proof. ( Continued)

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