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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jemima Khan 's Documentary On " Unmanned America's Drone Wars"

Voice is being raised internationally against American drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of PTI's head Imran Khan has also made a documentary film on the deaths of innocent civilians, specially women, elderly and children. Jemima Khan documentary "Unmanned America's Drone Wars" was launched in Islamabad. A 16-year, Tariq Aziz a football player came to Islamabad and raised voice against drone strikes in tribal areas. Whenhe returned back to his village in tribal area after a week was targeted by drones. Imran Khan has expressed hope that Jemima's film will eliminate the view that drones are only targetting terrorists but hundreds of innocent people have also been killed. The documentary shows that without knowing its targets drone strikes are increasing enemies of the USA in the world. Tribal people consider themselvs unsafe and have become psycho case. All this is due to the " Ameican slaves" in Pakistan, who are so scared that they can not save their people from deaths in drone attacks not can raise effective protests, though all the world including Amnesty International is pressing hard to stop drone strike ans massacre of innocent people.

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