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Monday, October 28, 2013

Commissioner Peshawar's Burn Case Is Turning Into Mystery

Special developments emerged, revealing some mysterious sections of burn case of Peshawar's commissioner Sahibzada Anis ur Rahman with a 29-year-old lady Asghar Nisar or Asghasr un Nisa in a room of Park Tower Islamabad. Intial investigation reports provided evidence that both the persons are well known to each other, as the burnt woman belongs to Kurram Agency, a tribal area of Pakistan in Khyber Pakhtoon Kha province, while Sahibzada met her as political agent of Kurram agency, sources said. While entering in the flats both the persons including Anees ur Rahman and Asghar Un Nisa submitted their national identity cards on the building's reception, which afterwards were taken into custody by police, the sources added. Surprisingly, the things became more mysterious when intial statements of the persons were found contarary to each other. The injured woman said the purpose of meeting was attesting some documents from the commissioner Peshawar, while Anis ur Rahman declined any connection with the woman. Commissioner Peshawar has been shifted to a private hospital in Rawalpindi from PIMS while the woman is still under treatment in PIMS Islamabad. According to latest information Sahibzada has passed away.

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