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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rihanna Asked To Leave Grand Mosque In Abu Dhabi

Pop princess Rihanna sells albums with her sultry, attention grabbing poses. But this time in the United Arab Emirates herpouts and poses got her into trouble. Rihanna was asked to leave Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque complex because of posing for 'inappropriate' pictures outside one the world's largest Muslim placs of worship. Authorities say they had taken taken action before the Barbadian singer entered mosque itself, which is not off limits to non-Muslims and has become a major tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates capital.The social media pro-active, diva remains silent on the issue. The 25-year-old, who performed live in Abu Dhabi on Satureday, posted the pictures on online-sharing site instagram. She posed in a black jumpsuit in the courtyard of the mosque, wearing crimson lipstick and nail polish. She had a huge golden neck piece dangling and calling for attention. She covered her head in all of the photographs but poses could be regarded as suggestive. In one photo she is lying on her back in front of a pool. She captioned it "No tan lines". In another shot, her arms are akimbo as she glances over her shoulder. In another picture, she is seen lying down on her back in the courtyard of the mosque, while in another she sits on the ground with her arms crossd on her chest. In a stetement posted on its website, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque center said, : The singer entered on a private visit without introducing herself or without coordination with the administration. " She was asked to leave before entering the mosque after she posed in a ways that do not match the sacred status of the complex" the statement said. The center said it worked to ensure that no visitor," fails to meet the standard of dcency required to enter the mosque, such as by posing for inappropriate photographs or by sitting in disrespectful positions." The pictures sparked controversy among the fans on Rihanna's instagram account. "She thinks she is sunbathing on a beach in Miami" said one Arabic- language comment.

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