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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kanwal, The Wife Of Sikandar Released From Adiala Jail

The wife of Sikandar, who staged the five-hour drama in the center of the capital, has been released this evening. Kanwal, who was communicating the messages of her husband to law enforcement officials, during the whole act, has been released from Adiala jail. The convict of Islamabad shootout drama, Sikandar, had admitted for giving his professional services as paid employee of a UAE's secret agency. Sikandat went to UAE in 1996, and was involved in collecting funds for banned organisation "Lashkar e Taiba". He was arrested by a secret sagency due to suspicious ctivities but was released after a few months, in 1998. Meanwhile, Sikandar married Fatima and had one kid Yousuf. He continued his suspicious activities, and was again arrested after four months. During this time the 9/11 incident took place in the USA and Sikandar was deported to Pakistan in 2001. Here he contacted Lashkar e Taiba and got training in Waziristan. He changed his name from Sikandar Hayat to Muhammad Sikandar in 2003. He got new NIC and passport and he went back to security agency with new name and offered his services which were accepted. He became addicted to drugs and wine. Sikandar divorced his first wife in 2006. According to sources he came back to Pakistan and married kanwal who was with him during Islamabad shootout. on August 15. According to investigation officer Sikandar visited Dubai 25 times from 2003 to March 2009. When he came to Pakistan, he was extremely addicted to drugs and wine. Sikadar's friend admitted him in local hospital in D G Khan. Sikandar ws addicted to wine, heroine and cannibes, but after his treatment in the hospital he was able to ovecome to wine and heroine addiction but not to cannibes. According to sources, he received his last salary from UAE agency in 2010 and afterward his contract was terminated. Earlier Sikandar claimed himself that he used to work as security official for Zardari's daughters in Dubai. Some pictures had also swirled in social media in this regard.

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