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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Veena Malik's Justification Of Friendship With Ashmit Patel

Scandal and drama queen actress Veena Malik said that the her relation with with Ashmit Patel is only that of friendship and we never had physical contact. Giving an interview to a Indian newspaper Veena said our good friendship established during the session of 'Big Boss'. During the big boss session we had been taking care of of each other very nicely. She said our friendship did not mean that we had relation of physical contact or that of kissing. Veena said during big boss session we were emotionally linked to each other after the session we tried to strengthen that friendship relations through meeting each other and contacting on mobile. To a question about ending the friendship with Ashmit Patel Veena said that she realized afterward Ashmit was quite a different personality so Veena said she ended friendship with Ashmit. She said she was a brave woman and had no regret on ending friendship. Woh! Did Veena Malik ended friendship or Ashmit Patel? Because Ashmit had gotton the 'thing' he wanted and after that Veena lost her value and Ashmit proceeded onward to another friendship. But Veena has no regret to lose the 'thing' that she gave to Ashit because this is her 'routine' of every day, New Friendship and new contact, specially in Bollywood to remain in the Indian Showbiz industry.

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