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Monday, October 28, 2013

Bomb Blasts Against Unarmed People Are Against The Teaching Of Islam--- Mulla Umar

The amir of Afghan Taliban Mulla Umar has appealed to the Afghanis to bouycott the presidential elections till the withdrawal of American forcs. He also said that bomb blasts against Muslims and unarmed people is against te teaching of Islam, however, attacks on America and its allies are right. according to a leader of Afghan Taliban Maulana Abdul Aziz, Mullah Umar said in an interview given to an American newspaper, that Afghan leadership has started a compaign against presidential elctions, while he also asked Afghanis in Pakistan not to cast votes in the election. He said that Karzai government was pro-Ameican and it was not possible to hold transparent and fair election. He said that Taliban were also an important part of Afghanistan and they can not be kept aside. If somebody understood that peace can be restored in Afghanistan or a strong political set-up can be constitited in Afghanistan without Taliban then he was misunderstanding. He said Taliban were never involved in attacking mosques or other sacerd places.

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