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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kareena Kapoor Refused To Fast On Karwa Chauth Occasion For Her Muslim Husband

The Bollywood's versatile actress, Kareena Kapoor has clearly refused to fast for her Muslim husband Saif Ali Khan on Karwa Chauth occsasion, the famous one-day fasting festival of married married Hindu women. Kareena, who turned to Bebo Khan, on October 16 last year has intelligently diverted the thoughts of fans' circles from the matter by issueing her stance as she did not need to prove her amount of love for Saif through starving. Bebo said, "I do not need to starve to prove my love. I am not going to fast. I am a Kapoor...I can not live without food. I would celebrate it by eating, working, by promoting my film," Indian media reported. Earlier before her marriage, when Kareena keened to become Begum of Patuadi, she planned to have a Hindu wedding and also clarified thatt she will not convert to Islam for her marriage to Saif. Kareena's Muslim husband Saif Ali Khan also said that he would never want kareena to change her religion as he did not believe in such perceptions. Despite her religious respect for each religion, Kareena's move surprised and raised several questions in thousands of fans belonging to Hindu circle. however, it might be eassy to extract answers as the couple has proved their thoughts via media statements and practices that their love has powerful influence on their religious beliefs but in many contexts difficult to conceive the facts.

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