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Monday, October 28, 2013

Fifty Secondary Groups Of Al-Qaeda Are Active In The Country

According to sources there are 50 secondary groups of Alqaeda are involved in terrirists' activities in the country under the cover of trusts and different NGOs. These groups attract young boys and girls on the name of education. It was also disclosed that these groups get enter unemployed people in the houses of high profile personalities and politicians to work as drivers, gardners, or chefs who have secret contacts with the Alqaeda groups and provide them information regarding secret plans and other measures about law and order. After which Alqaeda groups change their line of action or constitiute their plans according to the information provided to them. According to sources secret agencies have plan to initiate a huge operation against them as their activities have been monitored since long, while some of their aids have also been arrested. According to documents unique Nos. 172CD22E001072 and E00832 it was disclosed in a report that two groups have been assigned tasks of terrorist activities in Punjab and they were planning to complete the tasks. While four other groups are increasing their activities regarding secratarian clashes and terrorism activities in Lahore and Islamabad. The officials of Punjab interior ministry told that intelligence agencies were working to reach the deepest layers of the organizations.

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