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Monday, October 21, 2013

First Online "Halal Sex Shop" Launched in Turkey

The website that calls its online shop as Islamic "Halal Sex Shop" has launched that shop selling condoms, massage oils and perfumes in Turkey. This shop is firstever online shop of its kind, in predominantly Muslim country. Me, the blogger does not agree that this sort of online shop has been launched by any Muslim but it is again the conspiracy of Jews and people of other beliefs to mislead the Muslims following Islamic norms strictly in their lives. Another blogger's point of view is that this shop may have been opened by any Shiite Muslim who have declaree Mutta as Halal. Because the opening ceremony was attended by Shiite women in Istanbul. The Muslims following Sunni belief will never agree to it. Islam does not allow to discuss sex openly. This online shop presents its products as being 'entirely safe' and in compliance with 'Islamic Norms' ( With the Fatwa of a Mufti it can not be according to islamic norms). Internet users who enters the website find two different links directing them to separate sections for male and female products. Other sections of the website are designed to discuss sex under context of Islam under various headinds, "Oral Sex according to Islam", "Sex manners in Islam" and sexual life in Islam". The anonymous founders of the website said they believed that online shop would help correct 'prejudices' against Islam which they claimed is perceived as 'against sex'. The founders of this dirty website are non-Muslims that are misleading practicing Muslims. Islam is never against "Halal Sex" that is only with wife. Therefore Islam allowes to marry four wives, if one is not in condition to have sex husband can have it with second, third or fourth one. But, condition and pre-requisite for polygamy is to make justice between all the four and financial affordability. Turkey does not have so-called "erotic shops" in its streets, however, islamic conservative prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan suggested last year they rename themselves "love shops".

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