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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Aliza Broohi--- Another Malala In Karachi

Aliza Broohi started a school for the poor little girls of the laboureres working in steel mills. She clearly wtote on the wall out side of the school, here education is free. On the very first day 50 poor girls with mothers, who requested Aliza for admitting them in school. Aliza admitted all the little girls in school. Second day 50 more little girls came for admission. Now the two room building of school is too small for increasing number of students. Aliza is searching for another building. But another important reason for changing the school that some criminal elements throw stones in the school building and harrass Aliza and her little students. All the students of Aliza are from poor families, whose work as maid servants in bugalows and their fathers work on daily wages in the mills or with masons. But, astonishingly, Taliban's line of action is being repeated in a civilized city like Karachi, then why to blame Taliban?

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