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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Low-Ranking Chinese Official Sacked For Lavish Wedding Banquet

A low-ranking official in Beijing was sacked for hosting lavish wedding banquet. Chinese state media saqid, becoming the latst target of a high-profile crackdown on corruption and waste. The costly celebration came as the China's new leaders have vowed to tackle widespread official graft. which president Xi Jinping has warned could undermine the ruling Communist party. Ma Linxiang, a deputy village chief in a suberb of the capital, saw his son married off at the China National Convention Centre feted by famous performers, the official news agency Xin Hua reported. It quoted Ma as saying he spent 200,000 yuan ($ 33,000) to treat friends and neighbours to dayd of banquets, with rest of the cost paid by bride's family. But Xinhua added, citing the local anti-corruption authorities," the extravagant wediing has caused negative social affects and has violated government rule opposing extravagance and waste." The Beiging news agency has said the wedding may have cost 1.6 million yuan, altogether, calling that a 'conservative estimate'. Ma remains under investigation though currently there is no evidence that he embezzled public money.

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