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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chairperson Tehreek e Musawat And Former Actress Musarrat Shaheen Will Rejoin Showbiz

Getting fame from film "Dulhan Eik Raat Ki" (Bride for one night) and then constituting a political "Tanga party" (limited party) Tehreek e Musawat, and contesting elections against Maulana Fazal ur Rahman twice from NA-25 Dera Ismail Khan (KPK) twice and and bagging some hunderd votes out of more than 100,000,both the times, former actress Musarrat Shaheen is thinking of acting in films again. Belonging to town Chaudhwan in district D I Khan and then residing in Zafar Abad colony in DIKhan city, Musarrat peformed as dancer in Flatti's hotel Lahore from where she was taken out by some Arab sheikh and returning to Pakistan she joined film industry and performed in several Pushto and urdu films. She was liked more for her dance and obscene performance than acting. After failure in films she made political party and became chairperson of the party. This tiny party could not gain any popularity and she was totally a failure politician. Now she is thinking of joining showbix. Producer Amir Shah climed that Musarrat Shahhen had agreed to perform in his film "Babar Sherni" ( tigress). When Musarrat was contacted she replied that she was still thinking about performing in the film. She was also offered to direct a Saraiki film by Malik Qaisatr from Multan. But, now she is too overwieght and old that she can neither dance nor can act in films as heroine. She will be a failure actress as an unseccessful politician. She had also introduced her sister Sawaira in film industry but after performing as extras in two or three films Swaira disappeare from the scene.

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