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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Republicans' Demands On The Limit Of Loans Are Synonymous To Extortion--- Obama

American president Obama has said that he wanted to discuss budget with the Republican Pasrty, but it will have to stop threatening to economy. Obama said the demand of republicans for increasing the limit of loans and lineancy in policy about the restoration of government activities is synonymous to 'extortion'. The government of federal government were suspended partly when between the night of Monday and Tuesday the house of representative having majority of oppistion members did not approve the budget and White House had to order some federal deparments to stop working. Obama has cancelled his visit of Asia due to non approval of the budget and shut down of federal departments. Adressing journalist in White House Obama said that republicans were putting the USA economy and dignity of the country at stake. On othe side republicans have aked Obama to talk to them to end the crisis. Republicans said they were disaapointed on the refusal of Obama to talk to them. They said that the loans limit must be discussed as to why nation is spending more than itsresources. They said republicans also want to decrease the ObamaCare reforms. It is noteworthy that nearly 0.8 million employeees had to proceed on leave with out salaries due to shut down.

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