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Thursday, October 31, 2013

If Pakistan Wants The Drone Attacks Can Be Stopped Immediately--- American Congressman

A member of Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Representatives in american Congress, Alen Grason has said that if Pakistan stopped to facilitate drone strikes and want to stop them, the attacks can be stopped at the time. Actually US wants Pak army to involove in war with Taliban in North Waziristan, if US stops drone strikes then army will have to take the place of drone attacks that forces do not want to get involved in this operation. So, it is clear that drone attacks are being carried out with the consent of Pakistan. This is a fact too that terrorists are killed in the attacks, but as they have relatives in Waziristan and many have married there so they are surely residing in the houses and with the attacks women and children are also killed. Grason said the Pakistan army has the capability of controlling terrorists and Pak air force too strong to do it all. Therefore, he wants to get the Pak Army involved if drone attacks are withdrrawn.

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