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Monday, October 21, 2013

Pakistani Model Dreaming Of Joining Bollywood Murdered In Islamabad

Singapore-based Pakistani model Fehmina Chaudhary had overcome a divorce and ws working hard to make it in Bollywood befoe she was murderee. The body of the missing model was found dumped in a ditch out of the outskirts of Islamabad. Fehmina Chaudhary, 27, disappeared last Thursday while visiting her home coury to buy property , local police said. Estatr agent Maaz Waqar, who is in police custody, confessed murdering of supermodel, mother of two, originally from Karachi. Chaudhary's mother received demands of money after she got missing last week, in return to her daughter. Islamabad police tracked down Mr Wagar, who admitted to murdering beauty queen, after police inteoggation. Ms Chaudhary used to visit Pakistan often to see her mother she had come to buy real estate for her mother ans she was staying at a private hotel in Islamabad. Lively and bubby Ms Chaudhary, a model and a beauty queen had also dreams of breaking into Bollywood. Ms Chaudhary belonged to a well-to-do family but she worked hard at her job as a bank executive, pulling linger hours than most, before she went into modelling. She was sceduled to fly to India on December 4 for audition.

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