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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The USA Has Issued A New High Tech 100 Dollars Note

American authorities have issued a new 100 dollars currency high tech note that carries several security features. The note issued by Amrrican Federal Reserves, the high tech note has 3 D Security Ribbon in addition to having such a logo is difficult to be copied. The note carries other feature too like traditional water mark and the thread that shines in red color under ultra violet rays. Though the note was designed in 2010, but there were some unexpected difficulties in its issuance. The 3 D security ribbon has not been printed on the note but tinned within the note. The 100 digit has been entered on the ribbon that takes on shape of bell on moving and it moves up or down and left to right or vice versa. Moreover, the 100 digit present on the left lower side changes color from golden to green on moving. The chief executive of the company Fortress Papers that prepares papers to be used in making curency notes and important documents said regarding the security measures the preparation of this bill is not a step but a jump. The note carries the picture of scietists and a thinker Benjamin Franklin included among the founders of the USA. The printing of the picture is arisen that diferentiates it from other notes. It took more than a decade to create, plan and to prepare it. This was a joint venture of Ameican Secret Service and finance department. Due to latest softwares and modern facilities of copying and printing of fake note has become an easy job. The differenciation between original and fake currency note for shop keepers or common man has become difficult. According to American authorities, maximum number of 100 dollar notes are present in the market, according to the USA secret service during 2012 the fake notes worth $80 million were in circulsation in the country. While out of the country the number fake notes was $10.40 million.

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