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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bollywood Actress Jacqueline Fernandez Wants Kids-- Even Without Marriage

Jacqueline Fernandez harbours doubt in the institution of marriage. Bollywood starlet and Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline is in the news again, this time over a 'baby issue' She was quoted as saying in Times of India that though " She has doubts in the institution of marriage, she definetely wants kids--- marriage or no marriage" "Marriage or no marriage, I am definetely having babies," she said. Jackie, who is born to Sri Lankan father and a Malaysian mother also spoke on how it was growing up in multiethnic household. " It helped me understand different cultures and more importantly how beautifully they co-exist under one roof", she said. I love exploring different languages and cultures and that is why I feel very comfortable in India, which is a splendid collage of diverse ethnicities," she added. Jackie! This is not a difficult task but the most easiest one for women. There will be millins of candidates who can make you mother of not one but dozens of kids, without putting you in trouble of marriage. Try once and see the results.

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