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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharmeela Farooqi's Leaked Picture from Jail in 1998

On March 12, 1998 when Usmaan Farooqi (Chaiarman Pakistan Steel Mills) was arrested in corruption cases, his wife and actress daughter Sharmeela Farooqui were also also put behind the bars for assisting Usmaan Farooqui in corruption. When the pictures of these women from jail were published in newspapers, the human Rights people got angry and MQM made hue and cry. The famous columnist Hassan Nisar had written a column titling " Dancing Sharmeela" and "Blackmailr Sharmeela". It is not actually known that what happend afterwards to Usmaan Farooqui, his wife and daughter. But , it is surely thought that same thing happend to them what has been happening to the looters, corrupt, thieves, killers and culprits of Pakistan. Released with pomp and show making "V" signs.

Forced Marriages Protection Order To Be Amended In England

The "Forcd Marriages Protection Order" is under consideration in Britain. Under this new amended order, if implemented, hundreds of Pakistan -born Muslim families will be in trouble.The law would not allow parents or any man or woman to to compell British boy or girl for foreced marriage. Neither parents can take boy or girl out of Britain for forced marriage. Any citizen or parents if violate the law, police will take action against them and court will issue marriage protection order, immediately, if proved sentence to two years imprisonment along with fine will be imposed. The main reason for giving protection to young citizens of Britain was the registration of thousands of complainsts during last few years against parents and relatives who wanted to get them married to those men oe women whom they do not like. They also said that how they could marry a boy or girl whom they did not see even throughout their lives. Recently, Judge Of London high court Mr Justice Holeman hearing a case in this regard issued a verdict to bound the British government, " Parliament should amend the law of forced marriages as soon as possible so that violators may not avoid sentence". Though court released two accused Pakistani women gave remarks that if law would have no teeth how it would bite the alleged. It is noteworhy that this law was constitited by British government in 2008 to discourage the trend of forced marriages of British citizens that are taken them to their home countries for marriages. The countries mostly include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Arab countries, African and East European. The news published in the British media indicate that Pakitan is on top regarding forced marriages. Out of cases of forced marriages so far reported 60 % related to Pakistani-British families. Media report say that under preplanned programs the forced marriages cases reach to peak during summer vacations. Analysts say that parents want to hide the mistakes they would have done during their younger lives and would settled in Westen countries . Now hhey want to get rid of western culture and life to compell their childern for forced marriages, but time has changed and they can not undo the mistakes by marrying their children in heir countries with with in families of their relataves in thier homelands.

Nawaz Sharif And Man mohin Singh Meeting

A day before meeting with Pakistani prime minster, Manmohin Singh said every thing against Pakistan that could make his Hindi public and party happy, in the address to the UN General Assembly. he conveyed his low Hindu mentality message to the world declaring Pakistan a terrorist country, center of terrorism, factory of terrorism, and terming Kashmir the unbreakable (unseparable) part of India. He said intruders enter from Pakistan to carry out terrorists activities in India. That is what his Indian people wanted and he was successful in posing Pakistan a terrorist country to the world. Earlier he complained to the US president obama about Pakistan. Afte that what was the need of meeting with him , only just to invite him for the visit of Pakistan that he will never do. What results have come out of the meeting. Only one thing that Nawaz Sharif said, if it is true and is not the exagerration of Sartaj Aziz that Pakistani prime minister asked Indian counterpart to stop interrution in Baluchistan that never was clearly asked for. Nawaz Sharif could not find courage to say the Indian Prime minister to solve the issue of Kashmir according to the resolution of UN. The dailogues, trade, diplomatic friendship with India all are meaninigless till the Kshmiris are not given their rights. Did Sharif asked Manmohan Singh to withdraw forces from occupied Kashmir and stop the genocide of Kashmiris. I think the present government wnts to forget the Kashmir issue and is desirous of friendship with India on all costs, may be the sacrifice of Kashmir. Peace can never come to the region till the Kashmir issue is not resolved. India can not attack Pakistan, if it does so Pakistani forces have the potecial of defending itself. Indian nation is coward, attack from behind, have no courage to fight face to face. Then why our leades are scared? Of course, war is the worst option for any country specially like Pakistan whio has falling economy but if forced by India to do so so, Pakitan will never rtreat. Pakistan Zinda Bad Pak Army Paenda Bad. LOng live the Pak Army Long Live Pakistan.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Phillipino Megan Young Crowned As Miss World 2013, In Bali

Miss Phillipine, Megan Young was declared as Miss World 2013 in the final of the pageant, in Bali, Indonesia, Satureday September 28. "No Words! Thank you so much for everone for choosing me. I promise tobe the best Miss World ever" Miss Megan Young said. Megan was chosen ahead of Miss france, Marine Lorpheline, who finished as the first runner-up, and Miss Ghana Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter, the second runner -up. Phillipinos all over the world are busrting with joy and prize on the wnning od Megan as Miss World.

Katy Pery After Russel Brand Divorce

Katy Pery's life is completely different compared to two years back. While promoting her thired studio album"Prism" the 28-year-old pop singer gave sneal peek into her life with boyfriend John Mayer- and why he is a such smarty pants, shedding some light on just how her life has changed since her divorce from comedian Russel Branden. "He literally is a genius as is evident from his song writing " The Roar". Singer told Billboard in its latet issue about Mayer. One of the reasons Pary finds 35-year old "Say" singer so smart. He is a puzzle master. "We will be in bed and he will be doing crossworld puzzle." The "Firework" star is focussed on her new album. set to hit the stores October 22- and is on different path from just two years ago. In the Billboard interview, Pery also dashes on when veteran journalist Barbara Walters threw 'shade' on her during Walter's "Most Fascinating People of 2011" special. At the time Pery knew her 14-month marriage to her husband Brand was close to being over, and now admits she wish she never sat down for the chat. Brand, 38 would later filed for divorce on December 30, 2011 just two weeks after the special aired. The difficult situation Perry experienced at the time would soon lead to fighting off suicidal thoughts, which she then wrote about in her upcoming "By The Grace Of GOd" track.

All Facebook Faces Together On One Website

The number of facebook users in te world is one billion and 2.2 million, it is impossible to see the faces of all the users' faces in one place. But Ninalia Rojaz a web designer of Jordan has done this nearly impossible task,.possible. She has lauched a website "Faces Of Facebook" that contains profile pictures from the first user to the pictures of current users. Though she did not reveal the secret, how did she it but her website has gathered all the face book fac on one place.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are General Kiani's Services Extended For One More Year?

The meetings of Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kiani with Chaudhary Nisar and Shahbaz Sharif are taken as very important, which have risen a question whether gen Kiani's tenure is extended for more year? Sources say that the role of Kiani in security affairs, especially elimination of terrorism, under consideration process of talks with Taliban, Karachi operation and regional situation, can not be overlooked. However, Gen Kiani or his closed sources never hinted directly or indirectly toward this matter and Gen Kiani has no intention to get his tenure extended. But federal government cosiders that to steer the country out of critical situation extending his tenure of service will be in the best interest of the nation. Sources say that the mater is undr consideration on the higher ranks. However, the final decision will be done afte Prime minister returns from the USA. High level is also thinking about making chairman of joint chiefs of staff or to continue his tenure as army chief for one year more. It is also important that PML(N) never expressed its reservation about Gen Kiani and and takes him as purely professional army chief. His thinkings about national issues, security affairs, national defence are clear and according to national interests. So under the current situation his services are needed for the benefit of the country anf if Gen Kiani is requested to stay for one more year, it is expected that his response will be positive.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Anushka Denies Reports Of Long Kiss In R. K. Between Co=star Aamir Khan And Her

Last heard, perfectionist Aamir Khan was all set to 'Lip Romance' in Rajkumar Hirani dircted film "R K". It was also said to have eventually become the longest kiss of Aamir's career, who has last kissed Kareena on screen in the movie "3 Idiots". However, actress Anushka Sharma recently denied all reports of this longer-than-long-kiss between her R K co-star Aamir Khan and her. She repotedly found it hilarious and laughed off the reports. The actress went on to add that these were just rumours and had no bearing on the actual script of the film. R K is a political satire directed by Rajkumar Hirani slated for 2014 release. The cast also includes Sushant Singh Rajput, Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani.

Dumped Lover Sends Nude Images Of Student To Her Parents

Married man maligned girl and her new boyfriend in an anonymous letter. A 50-year ols teacher who was indulged in an affair with one of his students was dumped by his young girlfriend in favour of greene pasture, or in this case a younger man, reports Asia One. The dumped lover wanted his girl to drop the new boyfriend and toward this end turned up at her residence unannounced and harrased her till she told him she was no more interested in him. The married teacher could not accept the insult and decided to take revenge. He sent seven nude images of his 24-year-old student, taken during their affair and sent them to her parents. The letter was sent annonymously and its cotents even maligned the new couple. In the letter the man, who is also a father to teen-aged daughter, claimed that girl's new boyfriend wanted to get her pregnant "and inherent her parnt's money and properties". The man also insulted her former student and said she was "vey loose" and had body odour as well as low intelligence. The victim's elderly father broke down when he saw the contents of annonymous letter. It anguished not only the victim but but also those who were privy to the content. The court handed a three week sentence to the man for distributing "obsecene materials" and hurting the sentiments of a lot of people with his premeditated act.

Cheating And Sex Addiction are Not Deal Breaker--- Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth says, the damnest things! The actress opened up to fasion website Refinery 29 in a recent interview and revealed that for her neither infedility nor sex addiction would be deal breaker in a relationship. " I am an open minded person, so if it was something I knew I was getting myself into I would not let it deter me from exploring relationship" she said. In Thanks For Asking, Qwyneth plays a love interest to Mark Ruffalo's sex addict lead, It is first time pair have reunited since their romantic comedy View From The Top. Paltrow, 40, has been married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 36, for 10 years- they have two kids. The Oscar winer explained that the couple have developed enough trust so that something like hypothetical infedikity would not break the marriage. "I think if the idea of being committed to someone is important to you, you begin to value certain parts of your social life ove another", she said.

Dollar-Mafia Took It Up To Record Level And Then Dropped It, Investors Lost Billion Of Rupees

It looks like government has no control on any negative activities of any private or government institution. People are free to do anything they want from killing to kidnapping, rxtortion and what not. The latest example is the tactical activity of dollar-mafia who took dollar from 108 rupes to 111 rupes pe dollar and then suddenly closed the market, due to which mafia earned billion of rupees and investors lost trillion rupees. Dollar was again dropped to Rs 105 from Rs 111 and mafia stpped transaction of dollars after 5 PM, throughout the country. While government kept silent on the increasing trend in dollar exchange rate from 12 noon to 4 PM. Then due to silence of the government on the increasing price of dollars mafia gave imprssion that dollar will rise to 120 rupees. Because, dollar that was sold at Rs 98.51 on June 5 when Nawaz Sharif took Oath of office reached to Rs 99.63 on the first day of new financial year, Rs 104.51 on 1st of September and reached to its peak for Rs 108 on September 25. So due to impression of mafia and silence of government investors spent trillion of rupees on the purchase of dollars. On September 26, three billion dollars were purchased between 12 noon and 3 PM, in the country At the start of the day dollar was sold at Rs 109.70 i the open market, within one hour it reached to Rs 110.25, then it rose to Rs. 15. By the time investors had invested trillion of rupees on the purchase of dollars.Then dollar-mafia suddenly stopped the dollar transaction between 320 PM to 4 Pm and he dollar that was continously rising till September26 fell to the level of Rs 105.34. Due to which mafia became the wealthiest and investor became bankrupt. A famous money changer said that when the rate of dollar was rising people were demanding dollar no less than one lakh and there was no dollar left with money exch ers. The former finance advisor Salman Shah said that State Bank and Mafia earned a lot because they are in contact and the benefitted were the money exchangers.

The Attackers Of Police Station And Cantonement Came Across The Border---Indian Interior minister

As was expected Indian interior minister has alleged Pakistan for the attacks in occupied Kashmir on police station and cantt, in which 13 army pesonnel including Indian lt colonel were killed. The attackers clad in military uniform attacked police station inn didtrict Khatore of accupied Kashmir and after killing six persons took truck from the police station and attacked with latest arms on nearby dividion military hedquarter and killed 7 military personnels. According to Indian news Agency the responsibility of the attack was accepted by "Shuhda Brigade". The spokesperson of fighting group in occupied Kashmir Sami Ul Haq told Zee TV that attacke was carried out by his mujahideen. What Indian army is doing in Kashmir, this was the reaction of atrocities by the Indian Army in the area. BJP has asked Indian PM not to meet Pakistani counterpart in NEw York. However, the meeting would bring any positive results as usual. Indian prime will repeat his slogan that Pakistan should stop terrorism in INdian. So if this meeting is not held it will be nice. Just half an hour ago, A five-storey building collapsed in Bombai on Dockyard road and 50 people have been burried under debris. This attack has been conducted by "Pakistan", the Indian allegations will come out after few hours.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Robert Pattison Finds New Girlfriend

Robet Pattison reportedly has new mystey girlfriend. While the Twilight hunk has been doing the stealthy job avoiding being spotted with his new mystery woman over recent weeks, his cover was blown on Tuesday. The couple have been working out together for weeks as the 27-year- old bulks up for movie Mission: Blacklist. His new girlfriend flashed a megawatt smile as she walked back to her Ford SUV, dressed in three-quarter black leggings, an aqua tank that revealed a bright pink sport bra underneath and purple and green sneakers. Pattison also showed up at a Las Angeles party with a "girl-next-door-type" Brunette, according to Radar Online, which is apparently a sharp contrast to the " Cheat-with-the-director-type" brunette he dated before. "they turned up asround midnight" saod an onlooker. "they were cute together. At one point he was talking to someone and she wandered over and grabbed his hand and pulled him over near to pool. Their hands were all over each other". Since Pattison is intelligent, sincere and trustworthy, we would say the chick has majorly scored. It seems that Pattison is officially off the market.

Obama Quit Smoking Because He Is Scared Of His Wife

American presisent Obama confessed that he quited smoking because he is too scared of his wife Michelle. This he said while talking to an official of UN, he said he got rid of this menace due to his wife. He said during chatting with Mina, an official of UN, in New York. but American president was unaware of the fact that cameras were on. He said he did not smoke for the lat six years. The dialogue between Mina and Obama were broadcast by American News Channel CNN, Mina and Obama were College and Unoversity fellows in Howard University Law School. .

New Quake Created Gwadar Island Is Emitting Methane Gas

A new island that emerged just off Pakistan's sotherrn coast following the Tuesday 's earthquake is emitting methane gas. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed hundereds of people and destroyed thousands of houses in Awaran district of Baluchistan. Its epicenter was 20 kilometers below the ground in Awaran district. The poerful earthquake caused the seabed to rise and create a new island 600 meters off the Pakistan's Gwadar coastline in Arabian sea. a man living near the coastline sent a text message to local journalist Behram Baloch, saying" a hill has appeared outside my house". The text message further said," I stepped out, and was flabbergasted, I could see this grey dome-shaped body in the distance like a giant whale swimming near the surface. Hundreds of people had gathered to watch it in disbelief." On wednesday, Baloch and some of his friends visited the island and took photographs. "It is an oval-shaped island which is 250- 300 feet ( 76-91 meters ) in length, and about 60 to 70 feet (18 to 21 meters) aboce the water." he said. " There were dead fish on the surface and on one side we could hear the hissing sound of escaping gas," Baloch said. Baloch and his friends put match to fissures from where gas was emitting and set it on fire. "we put fire out in the end, but it was quite a hassle. Not even water could kill it, unless we poured buckets over it," he added. Muhammad Danish, a marine biologist from Pakistan's National Institute of Oceanography, said a team of expets landed on the island Wednesday and found methane gas coming out. "our team found bubbles rising from the surface of island which caught fire when match was lit and we forbade our tean to start any fllame, it is methane gas" Danish confirmed. Rashid Tabrez, the director of National Institute of Oceanography said," the seabed near the Makran coast had vast deposites of gas hydrates, which has large methane contents'. "These deposites lay compressed under a sediment bed which is 300 to 800 meters thick,' he added. " When the plates along the fault-lines move, they create heat and expanding gas blasts through the fissures in the earth crust, propelling the entire sea floor to the surface," Tabrez said. He also said that the island emerged near Gwadar is the fourth one in this region since 1945.

POETRY== Hayat e GumGashta (Lost Life)-- 8

*-- Kia yaad Tujhay Bhi Atey Hein ( do You remember too) *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha ( There was a boy and a girl) *-- Woh Apni Dhun Kay Pakkay They (Boy's parents were detrmined to send him to foreign) *-- Larka Paso Pash Kasrta tha ( Boy hesitated to accept parents request for going abroad) *-- Woh Jannat Chorr Kay Kyuon Jata ( why would he go to foreign and leave the paradise) *-- Kaisay Woh Baharein Taj Daeta ( How could he sacrifice springs) *-- Kia Tujh Ko Bhi Yaad Atey Hein *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha *-- Maan Uski Minnat Karti Thee ( Mother used to request the boy) *-- Usko Samjhati Rahti Thee ( Mother Used to make the boy understand) *-- Pahley Baat Hamari Man Kry Tu ( You Will have to obey our request first) *-- Jab Wapas Laut Key Aey Ga ( When you will return back home) *-- Jo Chahey Ga So Paey Ga (You will find everything you desire) *-- Hum Tera Biyah Rachaey Gay ( We will arrange your marriage) *-- Teray Dil Ki Dulhan Laen Gay ( We Will bring your beloved ( heart desired) bride) *-- Kia Yaad Tujhey Bhi Atey Hein *-- Ek Larki Thee Ek Larka Tha (Continued) Dr Khizar Hayat Tahir

Taliban Propose Imam e Kaaba To Be Mediator Between Pakistan Govt And Taliban

taliban Have propsed Imam e Kaaba Sheikh Abdul Rahman ul Sadees make mediator for talks with Pakistan government. Government also hinted to agree for the Imam e Kaaba's guarantee and mediation. While Taliban have started working on 25 point-deman list after as against 10 point demand list earlier. The demands consist of handing over dr Shakil Afridi to Taliban and release of Dr aafia Siddiqi. According to sources Nawaz government is ready to talk on six points out of 10 pont demand list, presented by Taliban on September 15. The points government agreed to talk on include: release of Taliban leaders, withdrawal of armed forces from tribal aras on the guarantee of peace, transfer of administrative powers to tribal notables and payment of compensation money to the affectees of drone attacks and army operations. The other non-logical demands will be deleted the mediation of Imam e Kaa'ba. It is noteworthy that the services of Imam e Kaa'ba were obtained before the Rd Mosque operation in Islamabad. But, a big question arises whom government will hold talks with? which group? Hakeemullah Masood's group? TTP or Jindullah.? If government talks to one group other will attack Pakistani installations or worship places as in Peshawar church, or Imam Bargas or mosques or markets. Government must include a point that whom it is talking to should take the responsibilty of controlling other groups, if they want to restore peace, really in Pakistan..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Report About Muslim Massacre In India After Partition Has Never Been Revealed

During partion of Pak India sub-continent in 1947 nearly half a million people were killed around the border but a year after in the central India a huge massacre occurred but its report was kept secret till now. During the month of September and October of 1948 thousands of Muslims were killed by Indian army in Hyderabad state. These Muslims were made stand in ques and shot brutally. Report about this inhuman killings was never disclosed since 1948, though critics have been crticing for hiding the report. Hyderabad state was one of the 500 Indian states that were independent and had Muslim majority. All the other states that came under Indian rule were ready to merge themselves with Indian teritory but Nizam or Prince of Hyderabad state wanted to remain independent, This ws unaccepted to Indian government that a Muslim state in the center of India may not come under its rule. The matter could be solved through mutual undrrstanding but Indian tolerance got exhauted and the Indian the then Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru ordered Indian army to enter into the state in September 1948. Though this was called a "police action" but actually it was Indian army's operation. The Nizam army wa defeated with few days and Indian army started ablazing the shops of Muslims, houses , killing innocent people and were involved in sexual assault. Prime minister constituted a team including members from from different religions under the leadership of Congress member Pandat Sundar Lal, to probe into the reports of Muslim massacre. The team visited several villages in the state and talkded to the people and submitted a report to the government that never came to light. Sundar Lal said that hey had collected the evidences of army violence on Muslim people, they saw wells filled with dead bodies including women and children. On some places army itself killed peole set houses and shops on fire and on other places they encouraged Hindus to kill Muslims and molestate muslim women. Army disarmed all the Muslim population while Hindus wre provided arms for killing Muslim population. According to Sundar Lal report Hindus even ablazed Muslims dead bodies and thus 40,000 Muslims were killed. No official stance came about non publishing of the report which is kept in Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. Recently media urged the government to make the report public so that world may know about the criminal activities of Hindus and Hindu state. Therefore, we say the Hindu is the enemy No 1 of Muslims and Pakistan. How can he be friend now? specially of Pakistan. India can be friend os Pakistani leaders but can not be friend of Pakistanis except Hindu mentality people living in Pakistan. We always say the people who love India should go to heir beloved country. Why they play dual role, they haveer been tanis since August 14, 1947.

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Is The Most Dangerous Celebrity Online

Priyanka Chopra has been named as most dangerous celebrity online in a survey conducted by cyber security system. Priyanka has replaced Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone in this year's McAFee's Most Dangrous Celebrity survey, said a statement. According to the survey, cyber criminals use celebrities to take advantage of fans seeking more information about the srars. These criminals often lure unsuspected supporters to sites laden with malware that can steal passwords and personal information. In a country like India, fans are more to becoming victim of cyber crimes. says Krishnapur, vice-president of Engineering-Consumer and Mobile Business Group, McAfee Center, India. "In India where celebrities are given the status of Demi-Gods, cyber criminals often use their names to lure people to sies that host malacious softwares designed to compromise personal details and disrupt devices" said Krishnapure. " By including the names of popular celebrities in websites' searches tags, cyber criminals are able to direct more visitors to malacious sites where they unwillingly sign up for spam or harmful software ending up with malware ridden devices, he added. Actors Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have occupied the second and third position in the list of most dangerous celebrities online in India, respectively. The top ten most dangerous celebrities of Bolywood are:- *-- Priyanka Chopra *-- Shah Rukh Khan *-- Slman Khan *-- Kareena Kapoor *-- Akshay Kumar *-- Saif Ali Khan *-- Amitab Bachhan *-- Farhan Akhtar *-- Sunny Leone *-- Hrithik Roshan

Miley Cyrus Goes Topless For Rolling Stone

Miley Cyrus is laying all out thee- in more ways han one- in the Oct 10 issue of Rolling Stone. Posing topless on the magazine cover, the "We can't Stop " singer, is very picture of good girl gone bad. The risque shot shows Cyrus leaning against the edge of a pool, her arms crossed over her chest just barely cover her cleavage. Thick blabk eyeliner is smudged around her eyes and her blonde hair is slicked back to reveal buzzed sides. As is her wont lately, she is sticking out her tongue licking her bare shoulder while shoting a sultry gaze at the camera. Inside the magazine the former child star even reveales more of hrself-metaphorically at least. She fearlessly tackles her controvertial performance of VMAs with Robin Thicke, her relastionship with Kenye West ( whome she calls homie) and her thouhts on what critics are saying about her sexed-up new image. She tells Rolling Stone, "people are like" Miley thinks she is a black girl, but she has got the flattest ass ever. Referring her VMAs performane she said Thicke was not necessarily supposd to be hot, I was not tryinng to be sexy, if I was trying to be sexy, I could not have been sexy, the self-proclaimed "semi-nudest" says. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing.

Scientists Discovered A Large Black Hole In Atlantic Ocean

Scientists believe that there is black hole in the universe that pulls in everything nearing to it that never returns back, even light entering the black hole never comes back. It is not limited ti space but scientists have revealed that a black hole exists in southern Atlantic Ocean. The qualities of this hole resemble to that present in space, Scietists are conducting further research on this black hole.

Germany Has Developed The Longest Bus Of The World

The longest bus of the world has been developed in Germany which has length of 101 feet. It has the capacity of 256 passengers to be seated. According to expets the longest bus has been prepared by linking hree buses together. Now it has the honor of being the longest bus of the world. Bus was passed through various phases of tests after which its preparation was finalized. Bus does pose any difficulty in driving, however, it is not told how the bus will turn on short turns or it will go staight on road will have no turn. The world's longest bus runs with electricity. It has been included in the Gueinesse Book of World Record.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Severe EarthQuake Hits Awaraan Area Of Baluchistan-- New Island Emerged In Sea Near Gwadar

At 429 in the after noon an earth quake of 7.8 magnitude hit the Awaarn Area in Baluchistan. According to the prelimany reports 45 people died and 30 to 40 houses have been damaged. The duration of the quake was 8 to 10 seconds. According to American Geological reported that the tremor struck the area 145 kilometers Southeast of Dalbandin. The depth of the quake was 10 kilometer beneath the earth suface, five after shocks have also been felt in the area. The tremor was felt in Karachi, Khuzdar, Hyderabad, Larkana, Quetta, Noshki, Chaghi, Pasni Gwadar and several psrts of Sindh and Baluchistan as well as in Persian Gulf States and New Delhi. The rural areas of the district have been affected much Army rescue team including doctors have left to help the people. A rock-like island has emerged some 1.5 kilometer off Qawadar following earthquake. The height of the island is 30- 40 feet. According to DIG Qwadar a similar island had appered in Hangal coastal area of Lasbela four years ago. A large umber of people have reached the coastal area to see the island.

Monk Caught With Teenaged Girl In A Room Of Rest House In Sri Lanka

A teenaged monk wa found in a room in rest house in Sri Lanka, Mirror newspaper reported. The Children and Women Bureau of Anurathapura, which raided the rest house said the monk and the girl were aged 19 and 16 years, respectively. The Anudhapura magistrate issued notice to the owner of rest house to appear before the court for harbouring a monk and a teenage girl. The police says two had been in love for nearly a year and the monk lived in a tempel in Kekirawa.

Tunisian Girls Go To Syria For "Jihad Un Nikah" Get Pregnant And Return Back Home

Tunisian interior miniser Lutfi Ben Jaddo told he parliament that hunders of girls went to Sria for "Sexual Jihad" and spending some time with fighters fighting against Syrian government have come back. Interior minister told the legislative assembly that these girls conducts sex with 20 or 30 fighters in Syria that is called " Jihad Un Nikah" {Jihad knot} and after becoming pregnant they returmn back to Tinis. Interior minister said similarly thousands of young men go to Syria to fight agiant Bashrul Asaad's forces, but he said now they have been stopped and it is difficult for them to cross the border to go to Syria.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Billion Of Rupees Have Been Looted In The Name Of Islam And Sharia By "Muzarba" Company?

Mufti Ehsaan, Mufi Obaid and Mufti Idreees of Muzarba company have confessed of taking Rs 10 billion from people in the name of Islam and Sharia, during the investigation. The number of applicants who applied against the company to NAB to take back their money from the Muzarba, is more than 2500. Two decades back fraud banks had looted billiobns of rupees from the people on the temptation of higher interersts and then lost their money. Nothing could be taken back from them. Most of them included the retired government servants. The NAB investigation team investigated the directors Mufti Obaid and Mufti Idrees of Fiazi Gujranwala Industries Private Limited including Mufi Ehsaan Ul Haq already arrested in Muzarba scandal. Mufti Ehsaan revealed during the investigation that the money collected by the people by Fiazi Industries was 10 billion and that was handed over to Tariq Jamal Khan, international dealer of Diamond. Howere, NAB has searched the masster mind of the scandal Tariq Jamal but information is being kept secret yet. Some journalist also fell prey to the Muzarba and have filed application in NAB. The accused Mufti Ehsaan Ul Haq has assured the NAB that the money will be returned to the people within two months. Astonishing fact is that the greed of money makes a human being so selfish and blind ha he forges he day Of Judgement, being a Muslim. Will they taske money with them in the pockets of coffin to grave. Do the Muftis do not know that earning 'Halal' is like a prayer {Worship}.

Emmys Awards Winners 2013

it is the bigges righ for stars and behind the scene talent in television. The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards had finally arrives with Heil Patrick Harris hosting the big star studded event. The following is the list of the winners:- Outstanding Drama series * WBBIER Breaking Bad Downton Abbey Game of Thrones Homeland House of Cards Mad Men * Outstanding Comedy Seriers The Big Bang THeory Girls Louio WBBIERR Modern Family 30 Rock Veep * Outstanding Miniseries or Movie american Horror Story: Asylum "WBBIER Behind the Candlelabra The Bible Phil Spector Political Animals Top of The Lake * Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie Michael Doughlas, behind the Candlelabra Toby Jones: The Girl Benedict Cumberbatch, Parade's End Al Pacino, Phil Spector * Outstanding supporting acress in a Miniseries or Movie Saura Paulson, American Horror Story: Asylum Imelda Staunton, The Girl WBBIER Allen Burstyn, political Animals * Outstanding Lead Actress in A drama series Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey Lesli Linka Glatler, Homeland WBBIER David Ficher, House Of Cards Elasabeth Moss, Mad Men Commie Britton, Nastville Kerry Washington, Scandals * Outstanding Host for eality or Reality- Competition Program Ryan Ceexrest, American Idol Betty White, Betty White's Off Their Rockers Tom Bergeron, Dancing with the Stars

Peshawar Church Bomb Blasts--- The Reaction Of Initiating Talks Wih One Group Of Taliban

The tragic incident pf two bomb blasts in Kohat road church Peshawat that killed 81 innocent people including women and children who were praying to God that Muslims offer prayer to Him in Mosques. The question of their being human beings or Muslims is outdated. They are brain washed and hypnotised they do not know what they are doing. Jindullah group has acceptedthe responsibilty of bomb blasts. This is the threat and reaction of government's initiation of talks with tehreek e Taliban. Government should re-plan its talks with TTP becvause that is not the only group that is active in terrorists' activities. Other groups may repeat the same activities if talks proceeded further with TTP. Government is accepting whastever TTP is asking to do, releasing the top most leadership hat may not be accetable to other groups. Government is presenting no condiotion but acknowledging theirs. Governmen shoulsd also pu a condiion o TtP or who it talks and bound them to control other groups and make tP responsioble for tha. Governmen is showing weakness , hough i is lineanen for he sake of he people, bu people would be safe unil all erroris's groups agree to sop negaive aciviies. secondl, he are sponsored from ou of he counr and governmen knows who are on heir back. if government accepted all the sonditioons of TTP then the the series of bomb blasts would not stop. governmen mus be careful o accep an oher condiion of TTP.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

salaman Khan Favored Katrina' Bikini Pictures

When cripsy Katrina Kaif asttended Salama's Ganpati celebration everyone present during ther festive were taken a back. Guests present during the rituals disd not expect Salman's ex-girlfriend to come, not after the Randhir Kapoor revelation. Well now it is knownb from where Katrina mustered her courage. It is Sal,am who showed that he still cares and is protectve about his ex-girlfriend. The actor who was so far ignoring question on Katrina's leaked bikini pictures, openly spoke in favor of diva. Salman Khan suprised everyone ans come out in support of Katrina Kapoor over her bikini pictures with Randir Kappor at Ibiza. When the actor was asked to react on the episode, Salman Khan even questioned the reporter, "How would you react if a picture of your sister, mother or boyfreind gets leraked on the media like this? And if you do not like the pictures of your family being publicly leaked, so Katrina will also not like it" "Doing something like this in films is fine, but exposing someone's personal life publicly is not good, and even is not the media's right." The actor feels that printing such personal pictures was uincalled for" There is no harm in printing or public appearance parties but exposing someones personal life like this is a shameless act" Interstingly Katrina's current love Randhor Kapoor could not defende her as nicely as Salman did. Looks Rabdir should learn tricks from Salman to handle tricky questions.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maulana Fazal Rahmans Life Is In Danger, He Should Be Provided Security In Sindh--- Federal Govet

Why federalgovernment is so anxious about the life of Fazal Rahman He is certifired Maulana, he is religious scholar, trust in Allah, he believes that one day is fixed for death tha no body can save person's life. Why the governmen is wooried about the prcious life of Maulana. Taliban are his friends. Who will kill him. If so he will be martyred and this is the wish of every Muslim Pakistani. Religious scolars every day preach for getting martyrdom.So, government should not worry. Maulanais is so der to federal government that federal government has written a letter to Sindh government to provide him the security to save the life of Maulana during his visit to Sindh. Meanwhile, secret agencies have sent a report to Sindh government that defunct Tehreek e Taliban has planned to target sensitive installations, security agencies' offices and government properties. For which they were getting national identity cards.