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Friday, November 30, 2012

Maria Susana The Mexican Beauty Queen Killed In Shootout

In an incident that sounds like as if it was taken out of a movie script, beauty queen Masria Susana Flores Gamez was gunned down Satureday in as shootout between the members of a drug cartel and miitary patrolmen. According to Associated Press Gamez was travelling with the former group when rifles were drawn. An assault rifle was discovered near her body. "She was with the gang of criminals, but we can not say whether she participated in shoootout" Says state prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuara, "that is what we have to investigate" Gamez was voted the 2012 Woman of Sinaloa in February. She then lost susequent pageant thast would have led her to compete for Mexico in Miss Universe. It is actually not uncommon for beauty pageant contestants in Mexico to get involved with grud cartels. The 2011 movie Miss Bala focused on this association and won the Academy Award for best foreign language movie. "They are disposable objects, the lowest link in the chain of criminal organizations, the young men are recruited as gunmen and the pretty young women who are tossed away in two or three years, are turned into police or killed," said Javier Valdez the author of the 2009 book on the same subject.

Some Medicines Could Be Highly Dangerous If Taken With Grape or Citrus Juices

Medical doctors warned that people do not know if some specific medines are taken along with grape fruit can be fatal. Medical experts say that with grape fruit the medicines are not absorbed in the intestine and liver rather their quantity is increased. The researchers who have found the negative link between medicines and grapefruit for the first time have published their findings in Journal of Canadian Medical Association say that the number of medines that proove dangerous with eating of grapefruit have increased. The Canadian team at Larson Institute say that number of such medicines have inceased from 17 in 2008 to 41 in 2012. The mediciesd that could be fatal if taken with grpefruit juices include the medicines taken for blood pressure, lowering of cholestrol level, for cancer treatment and the medicines taken after transplant of body part. The chemicals found in the grapefruit make the enzymes inafective that through chemical action break down the constituents of medicines and make them diluted and be digested, with the result the medicines remain undigested and quantity of medicine gets increased. A patient when took blood pressure's medicine Felodipine with grapefruit juice the quantity of the medine increased three time higher. The side affects of medicines and grapefruit taken together are fatal that include, leakage of blood in the stomach, damage to liver and irregular heart beat and some times immediate death may occur.

Palestinian Authority's Status Has Been Upgraded

UN General Assembly has given the Paletine the status of non-member observer while the USA and Israel have strongly opposed the resolution. Thursday, the resolution tabled in UN general assembly for upgrading the status of Palestine was accepted by 138 votes out of 193. Nine countries including USA, Canada and Israel voted against while 41 countries did not use their votes. Before the voting in general assembly, the president of Paletinian authority Mahmoud Abbas appealed to the UN in his address," Today UN is appealed to issue birth certificate to Palestine." He further said ," On the this day 65 years ago UN had accepted the resolution 181 and had divided Palestine into two parts and issued birth certificate to Israel." After the resolution was passed in the UN general assembly, Paletinians celebrated it with joy taking to the streets by fireworks, distributing sweets and singing the songs. The IOsraeli ambassador adressing before the UN general assembly session opposed the resolution and said," theresolution will result in no peace making rather it will cause shock to the promotion of peace. The 4000 year-attachment of Israel to this soil can not be broken by a resolution." Britian and Germany though did not take part in the voting but both the countries were not happy to present this resolution by Palestine in the UN general Assembly. However, this resolution was backed by France, Russia, China, India and South Africa. Last year Paletine had appealed to the UN for giving full membership but in the security council this was vetoed by the USA and Paletinian's attempt got failed. After obtaining membership as non-member state Palestine will join international organizations of UN including Internatonal Court of Justice.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jill Kelly Denies Her Wrongdoings In Petraeus Case

Hill Kelly, the Tampa sociallie at the center of David Petraeus scandal, is trying to change her narrative about her involvement with the general and the military. Kelly hired a top Washingtom attorney and is opening up for the first time about her past and her role as an "honarary consul" to the country of South Korea. Tuesday, Abbe Lowell released emails, phone- recordings, and other material that he and Jill say proves she never tried to exploit her friendship with Petraeus. FBI officials said they were led to Jill Kelly because Paula Broadwell sent her threatening messages, annonimously and via emails to stay away from Peteaus. Lowell adrssed this in a letter to W. Stephen, the US assistant attorney in Tampa. " You no doubt have seen the temendous attention the Kelleys have received in the media." The Pentagon is investigating the emails between her and Allen. Some have called the emails between the two "flirtatious" but Kelly spurces say thay were not.

Husband Continued Sexual Contact Even After Divorcing His Wife

Shama Munshi a resident of North Nazim Abad gave a statement in the court that his husband had been continueing wife and husband contacts even after divorcing her months ago. Her husband kept her unaware of the facts and had been continueing the contacts. When she received the divorce papers that had been signed several months ago she was shocked. When she contacted Islamic scholar he said the sexual contacts after divorce were Un-Islamic. Therefore she came to the the court that her ex husband be sentenced under the Sharia law. Shama who is working as teacher in a high standard private school and a mother of few years old son said her husband and his family members had been carrying out severe violence on her and her husband used to take money every month from her. She said she was to save other women from the brutility and sin like this. She said from the day one of marriage her husband's treatment with her was harsh but she had been tolerinting it but now her ex husband has crossed all the limits and reached to the extreme extent of humiliation of humanity and Sharia.

Meera's To Be Or Not To Be Father-In -Law Is Going To Sue Her

Pakistani_American Raja Ahraf, who is the father of Meera's fiancee has decided to initiater a legal action against the actress for swindling him out of $ 400,000, and not handing over the house in the Defence area of Lahore, he had bought for her. Raja Parvez has also renounced Irtza Rubab, commonly known as Meera as the fiance of his son Cap( Rtd) Raja Naved Parvez. Raja said he had bought a house for $ two million for her and deal was signed by him and Meera and it was decided that Meera will hand over the house with in six months to him, but she did not. Actress Meera received a pay order worth $ 4--. 000 of Bank of New York from Raja Parvez on October 14, 2009 and both sides agreed that Meera would decuct the price of her house from the pay order and return the remaning amount to Raja after encashing it. Meera also sent a receipt duly signed by herself and her mother Mrs. Shafqat Zuhra Bukhari to aja Parvez after receiving the pay order. The pay order was deposited in Meera's account titled Meera Enterprise in Al-Mashriq Bank of Dubai and amount was transferred to her account. Raja said Meera neither hand over the house nor the money. When she was asked for the possession of house she used dillydallying tactics, and of her relatives is living in that hose, Meera also did not respond to legal notice sent to her. Raja Parvez said he will also contact Attique, who claims to be Meera's husband soon, and would extend him all the help and will also seek his help. He said his son was also repenting his decision of getting engage to meera after the theft of his very costlt weist watch that his son purchased for Rs. 850,000. He said he would soon lodge a FIR against Meera with the consultation of his legal advisor.

Is Saad Rafique Going To Join PTI?

Wide-spread rumours are circulating in the social media and specially on Twitter that Jave Hashmi of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has convinced Khawaja Saad Rafique to quit Pakistan Muslim League (N) and join PTI> It is expected that he will announce his joining of PTI soon in a news conference. The messages surrounding the Twitter say that there are two groups with in PML(N) and conflicts have grown severe between them. One group has deicided to quit Muslim League, including Saad Rafique. If he quits Muslim League it will be a great loss the party. But, it is the usual routine of the Pakistani political leaders to turn their face to the rising sun and back to the sinking ship. It is neither astonishing nor unusual. Ok let us see which way the wind blows.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In Egypt Protests Continued Against The Decree

Egyptian protestors have vowed continuous defiance against a decree granting president Muhammasd Mursi wide-ranging new powers. Tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the country on Tuesday, in one of the largest protest since the ovethrow of Hosne Mubarak. Dr Mursi said the decree will limited in scope, but refused the continuing demand to overturn it. His opponents have called for another rally on Friday. The Muslim Brotherhood, which president Mursi belonged to until he assumed the presidency, has postponed the rally on Tuesday saying that it wanted to avoid the public tension. But, it said it was capable of mobilizing millions of people in suport of president. Musi's backers say the decre was needed to protect the gains of the revolution against a judiciary with deep ties to the Mubarak era. Protesters who have taken to the streets since the decree was issued say the Brotherhoodhas hijacked the gains of the revolution. The president's decree -known as the constittional declaration, said no authority could revoke his decision. There is a bar on the judges to dissolve the assembly that is drawing upa new constitution. The president is also authorized to take any measure to preserve the revolution, national unity or sageguard national security. Om Monday Mr Mursi told the senior judges the scope of the decree will be restricted to "sovereign matters" designed to protect instittions. Another flahpoint could be Sunday when constitutional court could rule to disband constuent assembly in defiance of president Mursi's decree. The assembly is dominated by Muslim Brotherrhood and its Islamist allies. The courts have already dissolved the lower house of parliament, which was led by the Brotherhood. It is obvious that the USA does not like Ekhwa ul Muslimon to be in power in Eqypt. Cours are following the instructions of the USA. THe protesters are backed by western powers and the USA. If Musrsi's government is dissolved another bloody revolution awaits Egypt. My Dear Egyptian Brothers! Do not be mislead by the west who never wants democratic government in your country. They want to make you weaker and want to protect their nefarious designs. They want anarchy and disturbance in the Muslim World. Be Aware of !

Spokesprson Of Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan Is Hiding In Peshawar's American Consulate

It has been revealed by the reliable sources that the spokeperson of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Ehsan Ullah Ehsan is hiding in the capital Peshawar of Khyber Pahtoon Kha in a Foreign Diplomatic mission's Saif House located in a posh area of the city. The News Tribe qouting some security sources said that Ehsan is residing in a saif house in Peshawar, therefore he accepts the responsibility of any terrorist's activity immediaely and is available to American media all the time. The sources said that security agencies have solid proofs of his presence in the saif house of a diplomatic mission. It is astonishing that when security and intelligence agencies have evidences about the hide-out of Taliban's spokeperson, why the protest is not registered and handing over of Ehsan Ullah is not demanded from the concerned country. It is recalled that Ehsan Ullah issued a statement on Monday from a place that is usually called unknown place, that Rahman Malik is a foreign agent so, talks can not be held with him. According to the spokeperson Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan will continue its struggle till the pull out of the secular forces occupying Pakistan. He said that or Tehreek is trying for the establishment of an Independent Islamic State which is the base of Pakistan.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Malala Has Topped The List of Time Magazine For The Person Of The Year 2012

Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan has topped the Time Magazine's Person of the year 2012 list. Malala has even outnumbered a large number of world leaders including president Barack Obama and Us secretary of the state Hillary Clinton. Malala is on the number six on the Journal "Foreign Policy's" list of one hundred top global figures. She is ahead of President Obama who is number seven on the list.

Pakistan Fish-Seller In London Singing And Selling Fish

A 31-year old Pakistani Fish seller Muhammad Shahid Nazir at a London market seems like an unlikely pop star. But at the moment he starts to sing his One Pound Fish song, he is suddenly, sorroundd by sea of fans. The song goes, Come On Ladies, Come On Ladies, have a look, have a look, one pound fish, very very good, very very cheap, one pound fish. The One Pound Fish song by Pakistani fish seller has led him to sign a record deal with Wamer Music, the Sun reported. Nazir was spotted after a You Tube video of him singing at the Queen's Market, Upton Park, got more than 3.6 millin views. British Star Alesha Dixon and US boy Band Mindless Behaviour have both recorded versions of the song. Nazir said atention is not unusual. " People have come from Australia, the USA, Canada and all over Europe. They do not come here to work or shop, they come here for One Pound Fish Man," he told the daily. Shahis moved to Britain just over one year ago with the hope to making enough money to send to his wife andfour children in Pakistan. On his first day at fish stall, his boss told him to shout to customers to get their attention. He said he did not like shouting, so made up a song.

Korean Singer Psy's "Gangnam Style" Song And Dance Sets World Record

The song of South Korean Singer Psy's " Gangnam Style" has become the most popular one posted and released on you tube. The Gangnam style posted on you tube some four months before has been viewed by 800 million people. In the gangnam style video singer Psy is dancing in a way as he is riding on the horse. His this style of dance has become so popular in no time that people are copying its style every where. After the interesting styled song was hit, many people tried to sing in his way copying his sryle. Among the the fans of the song include prisoners in the Phillipine's jail to the secretary gerneal Ban Ki Moon of the United Nations. The Gangnam Style video has also been awarded the honor of the MTv Europe Music of the year. Moreover, the song has been included on No 1 of the music chart of 28 countries. More than 5 million visitors have "liked" this song on You Tube which is a record. This song hass been registered in the Guinesse Book of world record as the most liked song. Priorly, the record was held by Justine Bieber's song "Teni Bow Per" released in 2010.

I Did Not Attempt To Commit Suicide---- Sahar Kamran

PPP Senator Sahar Kamran survived after taking high dose of sleeping pills last week. Sahar said that she was highly depressed after the PPP chief whip senator Islam Ud Din Sheikh in the upper house of the parliament told her that constitutional amendment bill on the dual nationality could not be approved due to her absence. Sahar Kamran said that she had reached Pakistan straight from Jedda after receiving instructions from the chief whip to ensure her presence in thhe house. She said that she was feeling headache and depression due to tiredness of the journey and restlessness, so she took sleeping pills to get relaxed and sleep on the advice of a female friend. How many tablets she took she said she did not know, even she said did not remember who took her to hospital. Sahar Kamran said she lived in Saudi Arabia where no medicine is asvailable without doctor's prescription and further said she never used cough syrup even so sleeping pills higher dose proved dangerous for her. Sahar said her husband loves her and her success wad only due to backing of her husband. Sahar rejected any scandal involved inthe incident. Sahar Kamran she had no difference with te party and president Asif Zardari considere her as his younger sister. Sahar Kamran said she had one son and a daughter and loving husband, the dauhter of Shah Abullah wass her personal friend then why she would commit suicide. The reports in the media about my suicide were baseless. Sahar Kamran said neither she was fond of make uo nor of jewellery not she had time for these things. She said as the senate session ended she was going back to Jedda because her childrenand husband were worried about her. She also read the messages from her husband on mobile. All this she told to the media when she was shifted to home from hospital.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dera Ismail Khan (D I KHAN) Once Called "Dera Phulaan Da Sehra"---Headress or Garland Of Flowers

The need of writing the history of Dera Ismail Khan arose when, I have been watching the bomb blast on 10th of Muharramul Haram (Ashura e Muharram) in the commissionay Bazar of DI Khan, near "Chaugalla". The word Chaugalla was composed as "choghalla" by the competent composers of Express TV , Dawn Tv and several others except in the Geo Tv News. Though the reporters have been pronouncing it correctly but news castrs reteatedly read it wrongly. The word Chaugalla is derived from Chau= four, galla=galyaan=streets, meaning the junction where four streets join or meet. It is post like high building constructed during the pre-partition era, having windows opening towards all the four streets, may be used for guarding the bazaars or markets. It used to have strong heavy iron gates that would have been closed late in the night. The first picture above shows the the symbol of D I Khan, the Chaugalla. The four bazaars ( long streets having different shops of all kinds) that lead to Chaugalla are Commissionay Bazaar, called Bhatia Bazaar before independence till recently, starts from South circular road near Town Hall, old vegetable market and press club and ends at Chaugalla. Bakri Bazaar, called Powinda (Afghanis)Bazaar during old days , Powindas were those Afghanis who migrated along with their camels and herds from the border near Afghanistan and spent winter in the suberbs of D I Khan, and returned back in summer. They were harmless people not like the Afghanis now a days. This Bazaar starts from Tank Adda (Bus Stand) at West Circular road and ends at Chaugalla. The third Bazaar is called Muslim Bazaar that strts at Islamia High School now called GHS No 2 at North Circular road and ends at Chaugalla. The fourth Bazaar starts at East circular road is Rahim Bazaar or Bazaar Kalaan( Big) from Topaanwala Gate and ends at Chaugalla. This is the CHAUGALLA named for 4 bazaar joining it or ending at it. Chauhalla is the place where all the smaller procession join the central procession. The procession coming from Basti Dewala and Ustrana through Commissionary Bazaar join it at Chaugalla. All the Shia community killed and wounded by blast mainly belonged to Dewala and Ustrana. The procession has to pass the Chaugalla before the Azaan of Zuhr in the mosque situated adjescent to the Chaugalla as was decided by the Sunni and Shia elders a few years back. The procession joined by smaller ones pass through Rahim Bazaar goes to Kotli Imam Hussain through Imaan Wala gate Saddar Bazaar Bannu road near and ends at Kotli Babbu Chungi. This was the place where bomb hidden in the pressure cooker in trash blasted on 9th of Muharram and killed 9 people, including two sunni kids, who were watching procession. The blast in commisionay bazaar destroyed 12 shopsand house around that belonged to sunni community. The route now followed by Shia community was approved by English rulers and Shia community does not agree to change it, though it is now in congested area. The place where blast was detonated is near to the place the sectarian clashes started a few years back where the DULDUL ( Horse) beautifully dressed or decorasted accompanying the mourning procession got scard due to some reasons and while jumping it crushed some people. The Shia community took it for Sunni people who were watching procession from the Thura( a wooden board in front of shop) because at that time no restrictions were imposed on seeing the procession fromn near or joining it, as is now a days. These clahes deepened day by day and specially during the Muharram days. But nowadays these are Taliban who blast bombs , there is no conflict between shia and sunni in D I Khan. Many sunnis are married to Shia women and vice versa. Next post will include the pic spots of D I han The Indus River Bank, Dhakki Dates, Sohan Halwa and much more. The pictures include Date orchards, Indus River etc (To Be Continued)

Smoking Damages Memory, Learning And Reasoning-- A Study

A study conducted by researchers at King's College London revealed that smoking rots brain by damaging memory, learning and reasoning. A study of 8800 people ove 50's indicated that high blood pressuure and being overweight also affect brain but to a lesser extent. Scientists involved in the study said that people should be aware that lifestyle could affect the brain as well as the body. Their study was published in Age And Ageing. The researchers at King's College were investing the links between the likelihood of heart attack or stroke and state of brain. Data about the health and lifestyle of a group of people over- 50's was collected and brain tests, such as making the participants learn new words and the names of animals as many as they could in a minute, were performed. They were all tested again after four and eight years. The results showed that overall risk between heart attack or stroke was "singnificantly associated with cognitive decline" and those at highest risks showing the greatest decline. It also showed that that there was "consistent association' between smoking and lower scores at the test. One of the researcher Dr Alex Dragan said " we have identified a number of risk factors which could be associated with accelerated cognitive decline, all of which, could be modifiable." He added we need to make the people aware of the change in life style because of the risk of cognitive decline. Dr Simon Ridley, from Alzheimer's Reaserch UK, said," Research has repeatdly linked smoking and high blood pressure to a greater risk of cognitive decline and dementia and this study adds furher weight to that evidence. " These results underline the importance of looking after your cardiovascular health from mid-life." The Alzheimer's Society said," We all know smoking, high blood pressure, high cholestrol level and BMI ( Body Mass Index) is bad for our heart. This research adds to the huge amount of evidence that also suggests thery can be be bad for head too." " One in three people over 65 will develop demetia but there are things people do to reduce the risk. Eating a balaced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, excercising regularly, getting your blood prssure and cholestrol checked and not smokinmg can all make a difference."

Veena Malik Wants To Set Kisses World Record

It seems like Veena Malik is ready to compete with "serial kisser" for giving maximum number of kisses. Veena Malik disclosed in a recently held press conference that she was going to give maximum number of kisses in her coming film " The city date never slips" to come on set soon, so that her name may be enlisted in the Guinesses Book Of World Record for largest number of kisses. Veena said that kiss was a nice expression of love and one's passions. She said that with the kiss one could tolerate the most hurting trouble ( This is the idealogy of a prostitute like Veena, who can do everything for money). Veena is prepared to be called next serial kisser. Why Veena does not settle in India and make herslf "One Night Bride" of half a billion Hindus.? Though she is doing so now too, but after getting Indian citenship and quitting that of Pakistan's, will be her great kindness for Pakistanis.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

British Woman Sentenced In Dubai For Illegal Acts In Taxi

A British woman was sentenced three months jail in Dubai for making love in the back of a taxi. She has urged not to send her to jail. Rebecca Blake was arrsted earlier this year after partially taking off her clothes in the back of the cab. Currently on bail Blake faces jail time and deportation along with Irishman Conor MecRedmond28, with whom she was caught. He was also convicted and received the same sentence. despite DNA tests to find the evidence of love coming back negative. Blake was quoted in Sun last night saying, " I have learnt my lesson. Thought of going to jail makes me cry." Having spent 5 days already in a Dubai jail cell after her arrest in May, Blake said the experience was awful.

Intersting Events Of The World

*---- Beauty Contest Between The Obese Women:- Beauty contest between the obese women was held in London, in which 20 fat women participated. Jemma Qruickhank, a 22-year obese woman, won the contest and was crowned as Beauty Queen among the Obese Woman of the world. All the obese women had catwalk before the judges. It was compulsory for the participants to have body size at least 18 inches. *---- Father Gifted War Tank To Son:- Parents' love has no match in the world, of course. A Dutch citizen made a moving toy war tank for his son that costed 1200 ponds and took 9 months to complete. Forty-year Mark Mathewrest purchased a wheel chair in 80 ponds and turned it into toy tank that he gifted to his 3-year old son Jawer. This toy tank can be driven up to several miles in an hour. *---- Beautiful Seven-Colored Butterflies In Mexico:- Colored butterflies reached to forests of Machicon state of Mexico after travelling thousands of miles. In the state butterflies are flying everywhere. They are welcomed, ptotected and a special road is specified for them to fly freely and people could enjoy their colors spreaded all over the area, when they fly and open their wings. *---- World Record Of Playing Table Tennis On Roof:- A game company in kansas city of the United States has set a world record of playing Virtual Table Tennis game on the roof of 22-flour hotel. On the eve of 40th birth anniversary of Atari Hotels, its founder company played the game changing the 22-storey building of the hotel into table tennis. This game has been registered in the Guinesses Book of World Record as the largest outdoor game of the world. *---- Robot Will Examine The Atmic Power Houses:- The Japenese company "Toshiba" has manufactured a 4-wheeled robot that will be used to examine the internal sites of atomic plant Fokoshima in Japan. Ther weight of the robot called "Quadruped" is 65 kilograms and is 105 centimeters high. It can tolerate such a high level of radiation that is 100 times higher than the extreme level that a human being can tolerate. Robot can walk and climb the staires.

A Turkish Group Hacked Pakisan's Google Search Engine Site

Foreign hackers group hackd Pakistan's google website and the internet users and other people had been in trouble for several hours. However, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority reinstated the site after reconstructing it within few hours. The hackers belong to Turkey and ther group is named as EBOZ. After the site was hacked , Pakistani internet users had no access to websites on the Pakistan google search engine.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Electronic Tracking Of Saudi Women Is Being Criticized By Western Mindset---2

" This is the technology used to serve the basckwardness in order to keep the women improsoned" said Bishr, a columnist. " It would have been better for the government to keep itslf busy with finding a solution for the women subjected to domestic violence" than to tracking their movement in and out of the country. audi Arabis applies strict interpretation of Sharia, or Islamic law, and is the only country in the world where women are not allowd to drive. In June 2011. female activists launched a compaign to defy the ban, with many arrersted for doing so and they were forced to sign a pledge to never drive again. No law specially forbids women in Saudi Arabia from driving, but the interior ministry formally banned them after arresting 47 women and punishing them after a demonstration in cars in November 1990. Last year King Abdullah, a catious reformer, granted women the right to vote and run in the municipal election in 2015, a histoic first step for the country. In January 89-year old monarch appointed Sheikh Abdullatif Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, a moderate, to head the notorious religious police commission, which enforces the kingdom's severe version of Sharia law. Following appointment Sheikh banned members of commission from harrassing Saudi womenover their behaviour and attire, raising hopes a more linient force will ease the strict social constraints in the country. "Saudi women are treated as minors throughout their lives, even if they hold high positions, said Saud Shammari, a liberal activist, who believes, "there can never be reform in the country without changing the status of the women and treasting them " as equal to men". But that seems a very long way. The kingdom enforces very strict rules governing mixing bwtween the sexes, while women are forced to wear a veil, a black cloak or abaya that covers them from head to toe except hands and faces (most of the women put on gloves on hands and glasses on eyes). The many restrictions on women have led to high rates of female unemployment, officially estimated at around 30 percent. In October local media published a justice ministry directive allowing all women lawyers who have law degrees and have spent three years working in lawyer's office to plead the case in the court. But, the ruling which was to take effect this month, has not been implemented.

Saudi Women Are Electronically Tracked By Their Guardians-1

Denied the right to travel without the consent from their male guardians(husbands) and banned from driving, Saudi women are now monitored by electronic system that tracks any cross-border movement. Since last week, Saudi Women's male guardians began to receiving text messages on their phones when women under their custody are leaving the country even if they are travelling together. Mana-el Sharif, who became the symbol of a compaign launched last year urging women to defy driving ban, began spreading the information on Twitter when she was alerted by a couple ( Manal must have been working in a NGO paid by the Western countries). The husband who was traelling with his wife received a text message from the immigration authorities informing him that his wife had left Intenational Airport in Riyadh. "The authorities are using technology to minitor women" said a columnist Badriya-al-Bishr, who criticized the "state of slavery under which womenm are held in ultra-conservative kingdom". ( And this is nice in Islamic society. As women are kept in veil and under strict monitoringand observations, therefore, Saudi Arab is safe from gang rapes, kidnapping, fleeing of girls with boyfriends and other women- folk related crimes, as are occuring daily in western societies and in Pakistan). Women are not allowed to leave the kingdom without permission from their male guardian, who must give his consent by signing what is called a "yellow sheet" at the airport or border. The move by Saudi authorities was swiftly condemned on the social network Twitter- a real bubble of freedom for million in the kingdom- with critics mocking the decision (specioally by the western minded women). "Hello Taliban, herewith some tips from the Saudi government" read on post. " Why do not you cuff your women with tracking ankle bracelet too" wrote Isra. Why do not we install a microchip into our women to track them around" joked another ( What an irony!, women are joking at the Sharia Law, Islamic traditions and customs). " If I need an SMS to let me know my wife is leaving Saudi Arabia, then I am either married to a wrong women or need a psychiatrist" tweetet Hisham.

Friday, November 23, 2012

PPP Senator Sahar Kamran Attempted To Commit Suicide

Senator Sahar Kamran of Ruling Pakistan Peoples Party has attempted to commit suicide by taking high dise of sleeping pills. According to sorces she was immediately shifted to Federal Government Poly Clinic immediately, wjhere she was given instant treatment by emptying her stomasch. Now she jas been shifted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the clinic for furher treatment. She was elected as senator from Sind during 2012. She is also working as principal of the Department of English in the Pakistan Embassy School At Jedda (Saudi Arabia). She was also awarded Presidential Pride of Performance for her services and acheivements in the field of education. The reason for committing suicide is not known ye.

Lohan Tried To Channel Old Hollywood Glamor At Liz N Dick

Linsay Lohan tried to channel old-Hollywood glamour at the preimier of Lifetime's "Liz & Dick" in Bevrley Hills, last night, but failed in Donna Dashini dress that looked cheap, tacky and dare we say trashy. The gold full-lenth gown featured three diamond-shaped cutouts accentuated with dangling red gems. When Lindsay, who plays iconic Elezabeth Taylor in the movie, moved around in the slinky slip dress the lowest cutout revealed her navel silver piercing. Though people are fans of her red lipstick and long auburn locks, the flimsy-looking frock was a questionable choice for the 26-year old actress.

Some New Details Emerge About Osama's Burial At Sea

Close to 19 months after Osama Ben Laden "death" photo that rocked the world, new details have emerged regarding hid burial at sea. Under the Freedom of Information Act, The Associated Press obtained numerous e-mails yesterday that though heavily blacked-out- indicated no sailors watched the water-based ceremony from USS Carl Winson. Osama Bin Laden, as is "assumed" by Obama and the USA was gunned down on May 01, 2011 by a Navy SEAL team at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The Osama's "Death" benefitted Obama to occupy White House for the second term. According to one message from the aforementioned ship's public affairs officer, only a few members of the crew were informed of the burial. Traditional Islamic procedures for burial were followed," the May 2nd e-mail from Rear Adm Charles Gaouette said," The deceased body was washed (ablution) then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag. A military officer read religious remarks that were translated into Arabic by a native speaker. Afer the words were complete, the body was placed on a prepared flat board, tipped up, whereupon deceased's body slid into the sea." It is also interesting to note how those in the know referred to the corpse of Bin Laden's as "package" over the email( means all that information released now are bundles of lies). Though they say it was due to security purposes. The Associated Press also asked for the photographs of videos taken during the raid that they say killed the Al-Qaeda leader, but the Defense Department has said nothing of that sort can be located.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pakistan-Born American Shahid Khan- An Example For Pakistanis

Shahod Khan bought the Flex and Gate Company which he had been working in during his studentship. He startedto supply truck bumpers to the 3 largest auto mobile companies of the USA. It was a great success. In 1984, Toyota company started to purchse pick-up bumpers from his comany. By 1987, Shahid Khan was the sole industrialist supplying Toyota pick-up bumpers. In 1989, Toyota began to purchase bumpers for all the vehicles manufactured by the company. Thus, Shahid Khan became a big businessman of the USA with the continously opening of doors of success for him. There were 12,450 employees in Shahid Lkan's company and he owned 48 plants by 2011. In December 2011, Shahid Khan, purchased the largest foot club of the USA the Jacksonville Jaguar for $760 million, which is the National Fot Ball League of the USA. Forbes included Shahid Khan in the list of bilionasires of the world during Septemver 2012.He is the 179th of the USA and on 491 number amomg the billioaaires of the world. He has $ 2.5 billion. This is Shahid Khan a billionaiare of the world, from a middle class family of Lahore Pakistan. But, his hard work struggle and courage bestowed on him the blessings of Almighty, Allah.

Jill Kelly Was Instrumental In Exposing Paula-David Affair

Jill Kelly is an unlikely figure to be involved in major government scandal, but was instrumental in exposing Paula Boroadwell-David Peraeus affair. How did the 37-year old mother of three end-up in that position? Kelly, an evet-planner, had e-mailed the mayor of Tampa, Fla, mayor before, according to people's new cover story, but not under these circumsances. On November 14, she e-mailed Mayor Bob Buckhom about news crews outside her home. "To put insult to the injury, your police deparment gave the Local 911 tapes to the press, she wrote." "I am scared and can not believe what my city-- in which I have contributed so much, love, time, money and leadership- has done to me and my innocent family". Buckman did nothing about Kelly's complaint and attributed the release of her phone calls to police invoking "diplomatic protection" she is not entitled to, to "public record". For JillKelly, an unpaid community laison at MacDill Air Force Base, who placed herself at the nexus of Tampa's militari-civilian circles, his response was telling. Her fall was going to be as spectacular as her rise. Not that she did not have company on the way down. By cozying up to two four-stars generals, Kelly inadvertently, exposed the scandal that brought Petraeus down. After admitting an affair with his biographer Paula Broadwell, the director of CIA and the former chief of US Central Commond was forced to resign. John Allen's promotion to head NATO forces in Europe is also in limbo while what government officials describe as suggestive e-mail he wrote to Kelly. How did every thread in this tangled web link back to chatty, flirty Kelly? Her conection to FBI agent Fredrick Humphries- who she notified after receiving threatening, anonymous e-mails- was the missing link, leading the bureau to Boroadwell. Appartently jealous and threatened by the raven-haired Kelly, Broadwell told her to quit flirting with Petraeus in e-mail that were used by Humphries to uncover the affair. But Kelly's entry into their world ran deeper than that. For military liters like Petraeus and Allen stationed at Central Commond in Tampa, the relative glitz Kelly and her twin sister brought proved enchanting. " Here is the thing about commondars: they can get isolated. It is nice to have civilian friends who support yoy," says an active duty Army community- outreach official. " Mostly it is a nice thing. But this one backfired" Epically.

Ajmal Qasab Has Been Hanged In Puna Jail In India

Ajmal Qasab who was shifted to Indian Yarowada jail and was hanged om Wednesday early in the morning. He was buried in the jail. He was accused of Mambai attacks on Taj Hotel. His hanging was kept so secret that no media could know. Pakistani Interior Minister Rahman malik's vist to India ws cancelled, similarly Salman Kurshid Indian Foreign Minister has postponed his Iran's vist. Ajmal Qasab was hanged 4 days before the 4th annivesary of Mambai attacks. Mysterious hanging of Qasab may be due to the beggining of Indian parliamentary session where no confidence motion was about to move ny BJP. Pakistan high commission has expressed no reaction yet. While, Indians are celebrting the events with joy and distributing sweets. Indian has conveyed message to Pakistan that it is not a soft state. On other hand, the ancestral village of Ajmal Qasabn Fareed Kot in Pakistan is calm. Ajmal's last wish of life was to inform his mother. After the dismissal of mercy petition by Indian president Ajmal was hanged The hanging of Ajmal Qasab has paved the way to hang Surab Jeet Singh in prison who hass been sentenced to death for spying and bomb blasts in Pakistan. He must be hanged, if Pakistan comsiders itself not a soft state like India and if Pakistan has courage and is not afraid of Indian-Pakistanis, the lovers of India in Pakistan.