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Monday, November 5, 2012

Process Of US Presidential Election

US presidential election takes place in several phases. In the first stage both the major parties Republicans and Democrats nominate their candidates for presidential and vice presidential election. Both the parties hold conventionns after every four years called Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. The party members select one candidate for the election among many party candidates. The selected candidate is the official candidate for contesting election. The process of convention of nomination and primary elections for the presidential candadate do not occur under the constuition but political parties and states have constituted themselves. This process is also conducted through indirect elections under which party voters uninamously elect delegates who further select party candidate for presidential election. The tenure of American president and vice president is for four years, so their election is conducted indirectly after four years. On the election day American citizens elect members of electoral college through popular votes and these elected members then directly select the US president and vice president. Newly elected president assumes office in next January (Usually on 20 th of January). Federal, states and local elections are also held along with the presidential election. The election process is conducted according to the federal and state lawa and each state has the allocated number of members of the electyoral college. The electoral college votes for Washington D C are allocated equal to the votes of the smallest state of the USA. The number of representatives to the House of American Congress is 435 while senate has 100 seats. D C area has tree seats. All these seats make total of 536 and number of members of electers is also 536 and they actually elect the president and vice president of the USA. According to the American constitution for every state legislator there ia a specific process of selecting the electors, therefore on election day popular votes are held by the states instead of directly by the federal governnment. After being eldcted the electors can cast votes according to their wish for any presidential or vice presidential candidate. However, they mostly cast vote in favor of the candidate nominatd by their party. That is verified afterwards in beginning of January by the congress which has a status of judge for the electers. It seldom happens that the elcter mat cast vote in favor of the candidate of opposite party.

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