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Friday, November 2, 2012

Roads That Will Shine In The Darkness

In Netherland, the smart roads are being introduced next year that will shine in the darkness and will recharge the vehicles running with electricity as well. Not only this but the smart roads will also forecast about the weather and will inform the drivers about the latest weather conditions. The idea of smart highways was presented during the Dutch Design Week and the highways like this have been termed extremly safe and best for travelling. The companies responsible for the idea have said that in future people will drive on the highways that will save the power and the roads, because the lights installed in the roads will get switched on only when the vehicle comes on road and will be off when vehicle passes. Though this idea will takee a few years to come into practice, however, from the next year the roads of the Netherland will be colores in such way that roads will be charged with sunlight and will make the roads shine for 10 hours at night.

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