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Monday, November 19, 2012

Carnivorous People Commit Sex Crimes--- Healthways

In India a publisher has published a controvertial book with the name "New Healthways" that is included in the curriculum of students aging 11-12 years, in which the author said that carnivorous deceive, tell lies, were dishonest and comitted sex crimes. The educationists have asked the government to control the publicashion of such books and impose restrictions on including as text books. The book hass a poisonous material for the kids. Actually, Hindus restrict Muslims to eat meat and Hindu Ayuvedric hakeems (doctors0 prohibit their patients to eat beef. Same has been true in Pakistan too the local hakeems restricts too of taking meat because the old people had influence of Hindus due to a common country before partition. Though , all meats have proteins and are essential for health. rxcept red meat. As Hindus worship cows which is their mother so they treacherously restrict others to eat beef.

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