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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gene Therapy--- Healthy Gene Can Be Substituted For Unhealthy Gene

Though we are observing the revolution in the field of biotechnology, but our whole attention is contrated on stem cells, nino engineering, gene mapping and manufacturing of new drugs. Therefore, we usually overlook the fact that we are already capable of peeping directly into the DNA and can exchange genes on our will. We can change affected gene with healthy gene and this method of treatment is called gene therapy. In this method neither surgery not medicine is needed. During this method of treatment DNA is used as pharmaceutical agent. Gene therapy is done by different methods. For example in method a new gene is made entered into adenovirus affected by disease. New gene makes protein in the adenovirus that treats affected virus. In the recent years several incurable diseases have been cured by gene therapy successfully. After which attention is being given to gene therapy methods of treatment. Treatment with gene therapy will give rise to new erta of treating the diseases.

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