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Monday, November 12, 2012

Can A Woman Tie A Nikah---Islamic Religious Knot For Marriage?

Saleema Hashmi, who was accompanying renowned Indian actress Shabana Azmi, and Allama Saeed Azhar to attend Faiz Amn Mela (Festival) in Bagh e Jinnah Lahore, said during the function of SAFMA in cionnection with "Malala Day' that she had to go early to perform the Nikah of the daughter of her maid. She said that the marriage celebrations were being held in her home. This will be the third event of tieing nikah by a woman. What the Indians and SAFMA members are going to demonstrate in the name of Islam. The so called Amn Ki Asha is the mandate of Indians in the form of SAFMA, to liberalize Pakistani society and to take them away from Islam and the cause of Kashmir, the India- loving Pakistani lobby is with them to make their their nefarious designs successful.

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