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Monday, November 26, 2012

Dera Ismail Khan (D I KHAN) Once Called "Dera Phulaan Da Sehra"---Headress or Garland Of Flowers

The need of writing the history of Dera Ismail Khan arose when, I have been watching the bomb blast on 10th of Muharramul Haram (Ashura e Muharram) in the commissionay Bazar of DI Khan, near "Chaugalla". The word Chaugalla was composed as "choghalla" by the competent composers of Express TV , Dawn Tv and several others except in the Geo Tv News. Though the reporters have been pronouncing it correctly but news castrs reteatedly read it wrongly. The word Chaugalla is derived from Chau= four, galla=galyaan=streets, meaning the junction where four streets join or meet. It is post like high building constructed during the pre-partition era, having windows opening towards all the four streets, may be used for guarding the bazaars or markets. It used to have strong heavy iron gates that would have been closed late in the night. The first picture above shows the the symbol of D I Khan, the Chaugalla. The four bazaars ( long streets having different shops of all kinds) that lead to Chaugalla are Commissionay Bazaar, called Bhatia Bazaar before independence till recently, starts from South circular road near Town Hall, old vegetable market and press club and ends at Chaugalla. Bakri Bazaar, called Powinda (Afghanis)Bazaar during old days , Powindas were those Afghanis who migrated along with their camels and herds from the border near Afghanistan and spent winter in the suberbs of D I Khan, and returned back in summer. They were harmless people not like the Afghanis now a days. This Bazaar starts from Tank Adda (Bus Stand) at West Circular road and ends at Chaugalla. The third Bazaar is called Muslim Bazaar that strts at Islamia High School now called GHS No 2 at North Circular road and ends at Chaugalla. The fourth Bazaar starts at East circular road is Rahim Bazaar or Bazaar Kalaan( Big) from Topaanwala Gate and ends at Chaugalla. This is the CHAUGALLA named for 4 bazaar joining it or ending at it. Chauhalla is the place where all the smaller procession join the central procession. The procession coming from Basti Dewala and Ustrana through Commissionary Bazaar join it at Chaugalla. All the Shia community killed and wounded by blast mainly belonged to Dewala and Ustrana. The procession has to pass the Chaugalla before the Azaan of Zuhr in the mosque situated adjescent to the Chaugalla as was decided by the Sunni and Shia elders a few years back. The procession joined by smaller ones pass through Rahim Bazaar goes to Kotli Imam Hussain through Imaan Wala gate Saddar Bazaar Bannu road near and ends at Kotli Babbu Chungi. This was the place where bomb hidden in the pressure cooker in trash blasted on 9th of Muharram and killed 9 people, including two sunni kids, who were watching procession. The blast in commisionay bazaar destroyed 12 shopsand house around that belonged to sunni community. The route now followed by Shia community was approved by English rulers and Shia community does not agree to change it, though it is now in congested area. The place where blast was detonated is near to the place the sectarian clashes started a few years back where the DULDUL ( Horse) beautifully dressed or decorasted accompanying the mourning procession got scard due to some reasons and while jumping it crushed some people. The Shia community took it for Sunni people who were watching procession from the Thura( a wooden board in front of shop) because at that time no restrictions were imposed on seeing the procession fromn near or joining it, as is now a days. These clahes deepened day by day and specially during the Muharram days. But nowadays these are Taliban who blast bombs , there is no conflict between shia and sunni in D I Khan. Many sunnis are married to Shia women and vice versa. Next post will include the pic spots of D I han The Indus River Bank, Dhakki Dates, Sohan Halwa and much more. The pictures include Date orchards, Indus River etc (To Be Continued)

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