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Monday, November 12, 2012

Second Woman Comes To Light In Petraeus Case

The extramarital affairs of Petraeus with his biographer Paula that led to the resignation of the gerneral took new turn when information about the second woman emerged who received emails from Paula Broadwell. A senior US military official identified the second woman as JillKelley, 37 who lives in Tampa, Fla; and serves as unpaid social Laison to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where Central Commond and Special Operations Command are located. In a stateement Sunday, Kelly and her husband, Scott, Said," We and our family have been friends with General Petraeus and his family for over 5 years. We respect his and his family's privacy and expect the same for us and our three children." The military official who identified Kelly spoke on the condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized publicly to discuss the investigation. He said Kelly had received harrassing emails from Broadwell which led the FBI to examine her email account and eventually discovered her relatioship with Petraeus. The FBI contacted Petraeus and other intelligence officials, and Director of National Intelligence Clapper asked Peraeus to resign. A former associate of Peraeus confirmed the target of the emails was Kelly, but said there was no affair between the two. associate also said that Kelly and her husband were longtime friends with Petraeus wife, Holly. Boraadwell, 40- years old , graduate of US Military Academy and an Reserved Army officer is married having two young sons. The Pertaeus and his affair with Broadwell will be the subject of meeting Wdnesday, involving congressional intelligence committee leaders, FBI deputy direcvor and CIA depity director.

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