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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spokesprson Of Tehreek E Taliban Pakistan Is Hiding In Peshawar's American Consulate

It has been revealed by the reliable sources that the spokeperson of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Ehsan Ullah Ehsan is hiding in the capital Peshawar of Khyber Pahtoon Kha in a Foreign Diplomatic mission's Saif House located in a posh area of the city. The News Tribe qouting some security sources said that Ehsan is residing in a saif house in Peshawar, therefore he accepts the responsibility of any terrorist's activity immediaely and is available to American media all the time. The sources said that security agencies have solid proofs of his presence in the saif house of a diplomatic mission. It is astonishing that when security and intelligence agencies have evidences about the hide-out of Taliban's spokeperson, why the protest is not registered and handing over of Ehsan Ullah is not demanded from the concerned country. It is recalled that Ehsan Ullah issued a statement on Monday from a place that is usually called unknown place, that Rahman Malik is a foreign agent so, talks can not be held with him. According to the spokeperson Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan will continue its struggle till the pull out of the secular forces occupying Pakistan. He said that or Tehreek is trying for the establishment of an Independent Islamic State which is the base of Pakistan.

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