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Friday, November 9, 2012

Poorly Living Uruguan President And First Lady VS Lavishingly Living Rulers Of Paklistan

When the poor foreign heads of states of rich countries visit Pakistan, they get stunned seeing the lavish living of Pakistani rulers of the poor people of Pakistan. The country that has billions dollars of foreign and local loans, majority of whom earn $2-3 per day and can hardly afford one time meal. The rulers living in palaces earn billions of dollars per day by legal or illegal means. The parliamentarians get billions of money as salary and other privikeges. Poor people, patients, students wait hours and hours on the roads when VIP's and VVIP's pass the on, with unending que od protocol vehicles and hooters. Shame for them. but they are shameless. Now let us have a look at the poorly and simply living president and first lady Locia a smaller country between the two larger countries Brazil and Argetina, the Uruguay. Where, women literacy rate is 97 while men have 98 % literacy rate. It got indepence in nineteenth century from the occupation of Spain and Purtegal. It has population of 3.4 million, among them local population is 7 % while European settlers are 93 percent. Religion of the majority is Roman Catholic, they speak Spanish. Uruguay has a strong football team. International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest report declred the ecomic growth of the country not only satisfatory but excellent. Report further said that this tiny country will get rid of its IMF loans next year, and its inflation rate will fall to 4 percent. Increase in the wages and salaries have escalated thestandard of living of the people. They are properous. The president Jozey Mojeeka is in power since March, 2010, democratically.He is the son of Italian settlers. He was of 5 years when his father died. He had defaulted before dying and left nothing for orphan son and widow exept loans. Mojeeka was rered by his mother. He was 13 when started doing labor and other minor jobs. He was interested in politics and joined Rightist Armed Grooup that was struddling against the military regime for democratic government Mojeeka was arrested several times, spent two yrars in the bottom of a dried well. When military regime returned to barracks, he was relerased along with other guerilla leaders and began peaceful democratic struggle. He contested for senate seat several times with the slogan of "Honest government, a best country" and every time he secured higher number of votes than before. He is the president of Uraguay since 2010, he said that it took me decades to know that power is in the hearts of masses. Hashish and production of other drugs is a problem for the government but he took several steps to curb the menace that have been appreciated in and outside the country.He married his old sincere and faithful friend and political colleague, in 2005, The childless couple lives in a house made of mud and graasses, in the suberbs of capital This ordinary hut like houseis on their personal farm house belonging to his senator wife. They grow flowers on the farm and this is the source of their earnings. President Mojeeka spends 87 % of his salary as president and his wife more than 60% of her pay as senator on the wellfare activities. President Mojeeka's only personal property is his 23 old Folkswagon car. After the retirement they ontend to get livings fron the cultication of flowers. In my opinion both the president and first lady are themselves pleasant smelling flowers who live in thorns but spread frangrance to the nation and the people. What is the status of Pakistani MPA'a and MNA's? Can any Pakistani imagine comparable to President Of Uruguay?

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